On this week"s episode of Monday Night Raw, Divas champion Beth Phoenix make her very first appearance on show for numerous weeks and also proceeded to loss challenger eve Torres in a laughably quick match, also by present diva standards (exactly 30 seconds) through pinning her through the GlamSlam.

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A dominant, outstanding victory this was not. Indeed, the whole enhance came turn off as an entire sham developed solely for the post-match angle, which experienced evil monster Kane pursue Eve prior to John Cena come out come rescue her.

Phoenix easily disappeared after obtaining the pen and, throughout the segment, to be treated as nothing an ext than a bit-part player.

Interestingly, the entirety debacle served to perfectly signify Phoenix"s—and on-screen tags team companion Natalya"s—struggling WWE career. Far from being dominant in the women"s division, as they vowed last year as soon as they formed, “Pin increase Strong” (formerly “Divas the Doom”) have end up being complete afterthoughts.

Considering the terrible way they"ve to be booked, this is not a surprise. Nevermind recent weeks, when they"ve end up being full-blown jokes, these girls were being booked atrociously way back in the summer and also autumn of last year, once they were supposed to be getting vast pushes.

First that all, it take it Beth Phoenix 3 times before she regulated to defeat Kelly Kelly for the Divas Championship. And when she lastly did defeat the previous model in ~ the Hell in a cell event, after shedding clean to her double on ahead pay-er-views, she required a ton of aid from Natalya to carry out so.

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Considering Phoenix"s entirety gimmick in ~ that allude was together a dominant monster that would tear with the department and seize Kelly"s title with no difficulties whatsoever, the fact that she took so long to win the smaller, weaker Kelly made her whole monster character look prefer a farce.

Even once she finally won the title, she looked favor a joke and, unsurprisingly, she"s to be treated thus ever since.

Since arising from Hell in a Cell v the Divas Championship, Phoenix had a couple of decent matches through Eve Torres ~ above pay-per-view i m sorry were, regardless of the girls working incredibly hard, greeted with basic fan apathy in the arenas. Aside from this, she has made sporadic and also brief appearances on Raw and SmackDown and, as of late, become a constant on B show Superstars.

Beth has been therefore overlooked, it wouldn"t shock us if even human being in WWE have actually forgotten she"s the champion.

Natalya hasn"t fared much better. While Beth has actually largely to be ignored on WWE tv lately and generally forgotten around it, Natalya was subjected to some downright embarrassing material on critical week"s illustration of SmackDown, which presented her as having an, er, flatulence trouble in a backstage skit with Teddy Long and Aksana. This crass, demeaning segment was apparently WWE"s effort at “comedy.” it really, yes, really wasn"t.

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To make matters worse, she climate went out and lost come clueless non-wrestler Aksana clean in five seconds. What a disaster.

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Are things likely to get better for these two? Alas, the answer is probably not.

As most will know by now, Kharma (formerly awesome Kong in TNA) made her huge, highly-anticipated go back to the firm at the royal Rumble and looks collection to conquer the women"s division. Through her size and also fearsome look, Kharma have the right to play the monster hoe far much better than one of two people Phoenix and also Natalya are, and it is easy to see her overshadowing them and also taking your spots (pathetic together their spots are).

No doubt as soon as Kharma does return full-time, the first thing she will go after is Phoenix"s Divas Championship, which she should be able to do with loved one ease.

What has actually made Phoenix and also Natalya afterthoughts? That"s simple—a combination of sloppy booking, indifference native management and also an apathetic fanbase.

Judging by their half-hearted recent performances, both Natalya and also Phoenix it seems to be ~ to have lost to trust in themselves, too. This is regrettable, however not at every surprising.

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