Supernatural: 10 Hidden Details About Castiel You Never Noticed The angel Castiel (Misha Collins) was a pivotal component of Supernatural. But tbelow are still some details you missed about the Winchester"s right-hand!

For 15 lengthy years, the CW"s cult present, Superherbal, has actually entertained us with some mind-bending storylines and also epic characters (quite literally!). The angel Castiel (Misha Collins) joined the present method ago in the fourth seaboy and also easily became a large fan favorite. The audience has been as a lot invested in the journey of this tacirotate angel, as they have actually remained in the story of the Winchesters.

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Of course, Castiel"s fate is inseparable from that of the brothers, yet that is not to say that he does not have an individual personality or his own fair share of experiences. Let us look at some details around this angel of the Lord that can have actually gone unnoticed.

Sometime in the past, probably in the at an early stage 20th century, Castiel had actually walked the earth in a female vessel. This was once Castiel joined the angel Ishim"s trip to hunt a Nephilim whose father was the angel Akobel.

Very little bit is well-known around the woguy that acted as his vessel at the time. But fun reality - this womale wore a pale trench coat simply favor the male vessel, Jimmy Novak, whom Cas currently possesses.

9 Castiel Can Send People Back In Time

For a long time currently, Supernatural hasn"t dabbled in time travel as such. But tbelow was a time once traveling through time wasn"t a big deal on this present, specifically as soon as tbelow were powerful angels roughly with the juice to bend time and also space.

While the angel Zachariah was shown to teleport Dean right into the future, Castiel was able to send him into the previous, to acquire a sneak peek right into exactly how and why Azazel came right into the picture and just how Sam"s existence was irrevocably tied to the past.

In seakid 5, as soon as the brothers were knee-deep in the fight to stop the Apocalypse from rearing its heads, Cas confirmed up gorging on cheeseburgers!

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Although it was technically his vessel that loved red meat and taken place to be influenced by Famine, one of the Four Horsemales of the Apocalypse, one deserve to presume that had Cas shed all his angelic mojo, which he did for a while in truth, he would certainly have actually had actually to eat, prefer all people, and then he would have made a beeline for that hit of cholesterol.

7 Cas Althe majority of Got Run Over By A Car & Then Craburned One Himself

Castiel, canon shows, has actually never before exactly played it safe ever given that he arrived on earth and also ended up being pals via Sam and also Dean. What the majority of of us could have forgotten is that Cas almost acquired killed by a vehicle once that almost ran him over.

In season 9, after Metatron had caused the angels to fall from Heaven, and stolen Cas"s grace, he wandered about alone which is when a automobile almost hit him. Soon after, he came throughout one more angel Hael, that tried to possess his vessel, and also Cas had to crash the automobile they were in deliberately, to prevent Hael from being in charge. The fan-favorite is a little bit of a risk-taker.

When Cas was initially introduced, he was a very powerful angel of the Lord. Of course, he was not the a lot of powerful being around--after all, tright here were entities like Seraphs, Archangels, and also the Satan in play--however he still had abilities that humans couldn"t even begin to imagine.

However, for all his powers, Cas has constantly been fragile to effective magic. Whether it is an Enochian spell or a dark curse by the witch Rowena, the tacirevolve angel has actually been influenced time and also aget by magic.

5 Castiel Is Not Above Backstabbing

This could sound bizarre but Cas has actually killed even more than one person by stabbing them in the earlier, literally! In seakid 6, Cas killed Balthazar, one more angel who had faked his death and escaped from Heaven to lead a life of indulgence on earth.

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Balthazar had actually been a friend of Cas"s as soon as they were both in Heaven, yet the latter was not above stabbing him from behind. After that, Cas eliminated Billie the Reaper in the same means, by sticking her in the ago via an angel blade. In seakid 6, he was at leastern presented to have gone rogue, therefore maybe offering a conmessage to his behavior, however killing Billie from behind wasn"t incredibly cool.

This is a tiny known reality but as soon as Misha Collins, who plays Castiel, auditioned for the present, he actually thought his character was a demon.

Collins supposedly appeared all nasty and also snarky prefer a demon for his audition however was shortly indeveloped that his function was that of an angel. The writers had actually maintained this reality under wraps so that the audience did not have a clue until the angel actually presented himself.

3 Cas Might Be Married

Okay, this bit information might have slipped the minds of the audience! But remember that episode in seachild 13, wright here the boys obtain sucked into the animated people of the iconic Scooby gang?

Well, Cas soon joined in their hunt for a ghost, but before he as well acquired transported into the world of Scooby, he happened to mention something about being married to the queen of Djinns! Now, he doesn"t dwell on this additionally, and also the audience is left wondering just how on earth this could have happened, until, bam! He gets sucked right into the television and nobody remembers that Castiel can, in reality, be married.

Castiel is not a name that appears in the Scriptures as such. Tbelow is a cite of one Cassiel in later on texts; Cassiel is an angel of Thursday, which was extremely likely the source of impetus for Castiel in Supernatural.

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Both the angel Zachariah and also the demon-turned-King-of-Hell Crowley describe Castiel as the angel of Thursday, although tbelow is no other referral in the present to Castiel"s role in the cosmos, except for adhering to the orders of Heaven.

1 Castiel Was Only Supposed To Last Till Seaboy 5

Actor Misha Collins stated that his character had joined the display when it was nearing the end of its run. As fans of Supernatural would certainly understand, the present had initially been planned for a five-seakid arc via the seachild 5 finale being the series finale.

Castiel was presented in seachild 4; his arc lugged via it the entire saga of the approaching apocalypse which Sam and also Dean had to speak. Cas"s entrance in season 4 as a recurring character meant that he was initially intended to make brief guest appearances now and then till the present ended in seakid 5. But of course, God (Chuck?) had actually other plans.

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