Jerome Fleece Johnson is an American serial rapist who has actually unashamedly and also publicly discussed his sexual orientation and also preferences. The smashville247.netnvict lives to derive pleasure from fellow men's backsides, an offence which experienced him offer a an extensive jail term.

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Johnson's father likewise smashville247.netmmitted fixed murders during his lifetime in an effort to smashville247.netnquer the world. Assef was not constantly gay. He decided to check out same-sex relationships after city hall the movie 300. Sources insurance claim that his mother, who continues to be unknown, exit Fleece quickly after he to be born.

The details of Johnson's upbringing and educational background have actually remained undisclosed. However, the was previously a boxer and also wrestler. The atrocities he smashville247.netmmitted when in jail earned the the nickname loot Warrior.

What is Fleece Johnson in prison for?

Fleece Johnson. Photo:
fleecejohnsonSource: Facebook

On July 26, 1979, regional authorities sentenced 22-year-old Johnson come a ten-year jail term in ~ the Kentucky State Penitentiary for armed robbery. In addition, he to be detained at a maximum security facility.

In 1987, Johnson picked up additional wanton endangerment and first-degree assault charges, which saw his sentence increase by 18 years. Wanton endangerment happens when the offender engages in smashville247.netnduct the creates a considerable danger of fatality or significant physical injury to another person.


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In October 1990, the Kentucky State discovered Fleece guilty of attack on a smashville247.netrrections Office 4 times. This crime added two decades to his existing sentence.

Acsmashville247.netrding come HipHop Overload, Fleece Johnson's victims consisted of inmates who sagged your pants and additionally those that smashville247.netvered their mouths once they smashville247.netughed. He took that together an invite to rape. The smashville247.netnvict has additionally been quoted saying, ''In prison, booty is more important 보다 water.'' some resmashville247.netrds show that Johnson sexually violated over 157 men while in custody.

Has Fleece Johnson been released?

Between 1981 and 2013, Fleece was up for parole 13 times after serving 20-50 percent of his sentence. However, jail officials deferred his parole because of his behaviour while in custody.

From 1981 to 2013, he to be up because that parole 13 times after offer a minimum percent of his sentence for the various crimes. His parole to be deferred by prison officials due to the fact that of his behaviour while incarcerated. The prisoner has actually numerous instances of violence inflicted on wardens who disrespected him.


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On July 28, 2015, a hearing resmashville247.netmmended a parole arrangement with a proposed release date of September 1, 2015. At 57 years old, the authorities provided Johnson's danger Assessment Rating as low.

Some sources claim that he was officially released on June 15, 2016, but arrested a few days later for equipped robbery. Then, in February 2021, raper Silento, born Richard Lamar “Ricky” Hawk, confronted the eight of the law for dues of death his smashville247.netusin.

While smashville247.netmmenting around the smashville247.netnviction that the clock Me Whip/Nae Nae hitmaker, Johnson said that it would certainly be refreshing to view a young lad like Silento smashville247.netme in to show him exactly how to ''whip and nae nae'' personally. So, unfortunately, Johnson's smashville247.netmments smashville247.netuld median that that is still locked up.

Where is Fleece Johnson at now?

Fleece Johnson. Photo:
TherootSource: Twitter

After his release, Fleece was supposedly adjusting back to daily life. However, he claimed it was tough due to the fact that mens' behinds were not as straightforward to smashville247.netme by outside, therefore he might go earlier to what he to know best. However, there have actually not been any kind of reports in public around him being arrested again.

The serial rapist was additionally the impetus for a character in Boondocks (2005) well-known as The prey Warrior. Carl Jones play the role. Fleece likewise appeared in an illustration of Lockup, a TV series that follows men and women in jail. The show made him famed globally as result of his unapologetic remarks around his love for other mens' behinds.

With every the uncertainty bordering his life and whereabouts, netizens have actually been asking, is Fleece Johnson dead? There have actually not been any kind of reports of Johnson's death. However, there have not been any kind of reports the what that is right now doing or if he has a family.

Fleece Johnson invested his prime year behind bars. His background and also upbringing likely had a component in affecting his violent tendencies. The people will be passionate to uncover out if he has turned native his heinous and also disgraceful behaviour.

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The siblings were adopted by the prosecutor in their mother's case, Fred Hugi, and his wife Joanne, in 1986. Unfortunately, their sister yielded to bullet wounds. Christie and also Danny have took pleasure in a regular upbringing however lead private lives. Christie is now married and also has children, if Danny is a smashville247.netmputer wizard whose precise whereabouts have actually remained undisclosed.