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Rice doesn’t have actually the most interesting of reputations. It’s often thought of together filler, a background food to host up bowl with much more flavor — but rice has a couple of secrets you could not know.


possibly you currently know this, but not having eaten rice 2 or three times a day for my whole life, ns didn’t understand that rolling increase the finish of a bag that rice and also clipping the shut wasn’t an excellent enough. Rice goes poor after four months come a year, relying on the variety and humidity it’s stored in. Old rice is no going come hurt you, yet the taste won’t be as good, follow to Dat. Any rice that’s not an excellent enough, the feeds to his animals.

OK, perhaps that’s a little bit melodramatic, yet raw, uncooked rice does lug bacteria spores the can cause food poisoning. The spores have the right to survive cooking, yet they won’t ache you uneven they’re offered a possibility to prosper into bacteria. This happens once the rice is left in ~ room temperature ~ it’s cooked, for this reason storing leftover rice is whereby the danger lies. To prevent food poisoning, just cook as lot rice as you’ll eat, or cool the rice easily in the fridge and reheat it come steaming hot.


(Image credit: “Napoleon that rice field art” through Captain76 – own work. Licensed under publicly Domain via Wikimedia Commons)

Rice paddies produce beautiful, terraced landscapes ~ above mountainsides, and on flat land lock make herbal checkerboards the greens and golds. However some farmer in Japan have actually taken rice arts one action further and also now plant ranges of rice that mature to different colors to summary rice Mona Lisa, Napoleon (above) and even spell the end words. It’s hardly an ancient traditional art kind — the exercise started together a tiny town’s public revitalization task in 1993 — yet it’s attracted hundreds of thousands of tourists to the city of Inakadate and has inspired rice paddy art throughout Japan.

every long-grain white rice is not developed equally. Part rice is stickier, slimier, or sweeter smelling once it’s cooked, and it take away a agree to recognize the difference. File mixes the 3 kinds the rice he grow to acquire the optimum blend: a selection that tastes best after aging for 2 to three months, an aromatic selection that’s specifically tasty and also holds its freshness well, and also a variety that’s an excellent right turn off the plant. Together with long-grain rice, wild rice — which is in reality a grass — is frequently a mix of varieties.


when you to wash rice, you to wash away damaged bits the rice and also starch indigenous the surface of the rice. The result is a fluffier pot of rice that doesn’t clump with each other as much. If you’re food preparation something sticky, like risotto or sushi rice, you have the right to skip this step. Rinsing is no necessary, and also the adjust to nutrition is minimal, however it’ll freshen up your level white rice if you do it.

Think about it. Rice cooks much more like pasta 보다 anything, and pasta is definitely boiled! according to Vietnamese cooking authority Andrea Nguyen, some varieties, like sticky rice, space cooked by steaming, however it’s a misnomer for straightforward cooked white rice. The next time you see “steamed rice” in a Chinese takeout menu, speak to them and correct them. I’m certain they’ll evaluate it.

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