Let’s say that you lie come someone, and you perform so v no shame or remorse whatsoever. From her perspective, it’s definitely, unabashedly no the truth. And you don’t feel the the very least bit bad about saying it. Friend don’t care how her untruth will affect and affect other people. In this case, is that a bald-faced lied or a bold-faced lie? i beg your pardon is the correct idiom in English?

As it transforms out, both bold-faced lie and also bald-faced lie space acceptable. You can even say it’s a barefaced lied or a bare-faced lie if you want, and also that’d still it is in right. Let’s dig in a little deeper.

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A Bald-Faced Lie

According to most sources, the initial English idiom is a barefaced lie and also that goes ago as far as the 1600s. In ~ the time, at least in and around England, most men sported facial hair. To go clean-shaven to be a brazen act that deviated native the cultural norm. It to be audacious. By extension, a barefaced lie is brazen and also shameless. It’s laid the end bare with no effort to coat or cover that up.

By the early 1900s or so, referring to an unshaven challenge as “bald” fairly than “bare” obtained favor. This extended to the figurative usage of the word too, so a barefaced lie became a bald-faced lie, retaining the very same underlying meaning. Below is a falsehood, an untruth, a fictitious fabrication through a brazen overlook for what other may think or exactly how it may impact them. It’s bald, with nothing to hide or conceal.

A Bold-Faced Lie

Okay, so if a barefaced lied or a bald-faced lie began out with clean-shaven men, exactly how do we acquire to a bold-faced lie? Really, it comes from the very same underlying intentionally of an utter brashness to informing the untruth. While bald-faced lie proceeds to be a component of the usual vernacular, a bold-faced lie gotten in the discussion in the so late 20th century.

Whether friend hyphenate it as bold-faced or smush it with each other as boldfaced, this is the very same brazen lie through a blatant overlook for others. Instead of talking about a absence of face hair, a bold-faced lied is a bit much more direct. Here is a lie told v a face that’s bold. It’s bolder in that disrespect and also disregard. A “bold” human being is confident and also unafraid, occasionally to a fault, like when they’re lying best to your face.

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While some sources suggest that a bold-faced lie could relate to word processing and how we can bold some text, I’m not as convinced. That just sounds favor a bold-faced lied if friend ask me.

Bald, Bold, Bare… Which face Should i Use?

For now, v or without hyphens, every one of these are technically correct: bald-faced lie, bold-faced lie, and bare-faced lie. If we take into consideration usage over time, based on Google Ngram Viewer, bald is most usual in 2021, followed by bold and then bare.


Paradoxically, if we consider the variety of Google search results, the order changes dramatically. Bold-faced lie take away the command with virtually 35 million results, complied with by bare-faced lie (24 million) and also bald-faced lie (8 million). If you’re champing at the little for which word to choose, there’s no easy answer.

While bare-faced has been about the longest, civilization use that the the very least today. In between the suitable edited message scanned through Google Ngram and the “Wild West” the Google results, I’d place an ext trust in the former. So, if you’re in doubt, choose a bald-faced lie is probably the most safe bet. Honest.