Take a an extensive look at dual enrollment as we break down all the details that enrolling in two neighborhood colleges at the very same time.

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Choosing which college to attend is a decision the can impact the entire trajectory of her life. The university you walk to and also the courses you take will certainly lay the foundation for her future, so the is essential that you do the best choice to accomplish your needs. Yet you might be curious: have the right to you it is in enrolled in two ar colleges in ~ once?

Can you Enroll in Two community Colleges in ~ Once?

The answer is yes, that is possible to be enrolled in two community colleges at the same time. This is often referred to together "dual enrollment." if the term double enrollment commonly refers to high institution students the are likewise taking college courses, that can also refer to university students who space enrolled in two institutions at once.

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Dual Enrollment determinants to Consider

Sometimes referred to as “co-enrollment,” double enrollment in two colleges is entirely possible and fully okay to do. V that gift said, it's no for everyone. Prior to you take it the plunge and also enroll in two neighborhood colleges, girlfriend will want to think about all the components below.

Attending Classes

Dual enrollment attendance have the right to take ar in a few different ways:

All great taken online from both collegesAll classes take away in human from both collegesIn-person classes through one college and online classes v the other collegeA mix that online and also in-person courses v each college

If both campuses room in her area, friend may select to take all of your courses in human at the two different schools. 

This has the advantage of enabling you to emphasis on a certain college on any kind of day of the week. 

For example, you might attend three classes at university A on Mondays, Wednesdays, and also Fridays, if attending 2 classes at college B ~ above Tuesdays and Thursdays.

This will enable you to an ext or much less block out whatever you have actually going ~ above at university A on Tuesdays and also Thursdays -- miscellaneous that may be more daunting to do when you take virtual courses.

Subject Grouping

Dividing up her in-person classes at each college on different days can be even much more effective if you are able to team your topics together at each individual college. 

It’s not always practical however if you could take both of your literature courses native one college and your science courses from one more it becomes even much easier to store track of which process relate come which college.

(It’s much much easier to psychic Monday and also Wednesdays space my “science days at university A” and also Tuesday and also Thursdays are my “literature job at college B.”)

This is also a an excellent way to minimization the impact from task switching in between subjects, which have the right to take a toll fee on your productivity.

Be responsibility of Finals 

When attending 2 colleges at the very same time, you have to be yes, really careful about finals time due to the fact that class schedules have tendency to gain pushed around and you obviously want to stop having last exams booked at the same time or also close to every other. 

Tip: numerous colleges will permit you to arrange a various time come take your exams therefore be certain to look right into those options if needed.

Credit Transfers

Before girlfriend enroll in process at two various colleges, you need to consider your long-term plans. Will you ultimately be delivering to a four-year university? many institutions place boundaries on the credits the you deserve to transfer. 

Of course, this is miscellaneous you need to consider even without twin enrollment, but twin enrollment does make the process much more difficult. 

When you space co-enrolled, you must cross-check process at each neighborhood college to view which credits friend will be able to transfer later on. 

Cross-checking would involve looking up the precise courses you plan to require to see if their credits might be transferred to the precise university you arrangement to to visit in the future. This would have to be done for all of your potential process at both ar colleges.

The factor why this is more difficult with double enrollment is that occasionally colleges number courses differently and also that can reason confusion.

For example, a macroeconomics course might be noted as something prefer “Econ 2301” at university A and “Econ 2302” at college B. At the same time the microeconomics course can be detailed as “Econ 2302” at university A and “Econ 2301” at college B. 

If girlfriend weren’t paying close fist you might enroll in “Econ 2301” at university A and “Econ 2302” at university B erroneously thinking they are providing you various credits once they space actually the same course!

Because you are mixing and also matching colleges you most likely will not have a college counselor help you on your course an option which method that the is every on you to make the ideal decisions. 

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Dual Enrollment and Financial Aid

When girlfriend enroll at 2 different ar colleges, you’ll want to take into consideration the cost. Be conscious that financial help can be complex with co-enrollment. 

Federal financial help can only be applied to one school. So if you space receiving help for one ar college, girlfriend will need to pay for the other one the end of pocket. 

It is worth noting that there is an exception to this. If you want to use financial help towards both schools, you have actually the option of developing what is dubbed a “consortium agreement” with the 2 colleges. 

A consortium covenant is one agreement between two educational organizations that permits a college student to be enrolled in ~ both institutions while receiving financial assist at one of the colleges. The college student designates one college as their “home school” and also the various other as your “host school.” 

In a consortium agreement, the college student receives financial assist towards their residence school. This college is then allowed to salary government help towards the credits in ~ both schools the student is enrolled in, together if the credits were totally at the home school.

This means that you would take most of your credits at your residence school and only a few at your host school, amounting to permanent credits. Gift a permanent student would then qualify you for federal financial aid.

Dual Enrollment: The Pros and Cons

Pros: Quicker level path

By doubling up on your college enrollment you may be maybe to obtain your level quicker. 

Sometimes colleges just offer details courses during specific times the the year for this reason by pursuing opportunities at a 2nd college you deserve to expedite the timeline to attain your level or certification (sometimes also when just taking one class).

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Pros: lifestyle Factors

For numerous students, the really reason the they decision to enroll in two separate schools is since doing for this reason fits right into their lifestyle. 

For example, having the capability to take 2 of your courses in person and three the your courses online provides it easier to get your degree while working or caring for your family.

Pros: The Experience 

You acquire to endure two various schools. If you to visit both schools in person, you obtain to suffer the unique features of two various campuses. 

Every college campus has various clubs and organizations. This way you'll have twice together many alternatives when it pertains to extracurricular activities. You'll also get to interact with many students from various backgrounds.

You could even find that you choose your second college more than your major college and decide to move your full-time enrollment.

Cons: The Potential because that Overload

When she enrolled in one college, there are restrictions in location that protect against students native overloading top top courses. Students the enroll at 2 colleges have the capacity to sign up for the full course fill at every school. 

While it’s definitely not constantly advised, many students take advantage of this loophole, however they may uncover that they have enrolled in more classes than they can handle. 

Cons: keeping Things in Order

When you're acquisition classes in ~ two different schools, it may obtain hard to store things in order. Girlfriend don't want to gain mixed up and also turn the wrong assignment right into the dorn professor. 

Or also worse, friend don’t desire to erroneously select a course the ends up no counting in the direction of your degree because there was some confusion as soon as you to be cross checking for course transferability.

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For countless people, attending one school makes it much less complicated to store things arranged so the they don’t get off track.

Cons: lack of continuity

Some colleges have professors that teach various courses in ~ the exact same topics. Also, some ar college departments offer comparable courses that allow students come seamlessly transition from a “level one” course to a “level two” course. 

By attending two colleges friend may lose out ~ above the continually that would certainly otherwise be obtainable if you had actually stuck with only one school.