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One that the problems with milk jugs is they space made to conveniently biodegrade rapidly...are gallon water jugs the look the same but contain water made the same way? will certainly they failure like that or space they great like sanitized pop bottles for lengthy term water storage?Water jugs and also milk jugs look the same…but are they make the same?Any assist is an extremely much appreciated!

I save on computer up part water in the 1-gallon "milk jug" kind containers once I began dabbling through prepping about Y2K. Save on computer in mybasement, in a dark closet (little come no UV exposure), castle lastedabout three years, and then a variety of the containers startedto leak. I don"t understand if the water "milk jugs" space the precise samechemical composition together the milk jugs, yet they certain seem similar.From an individual experience, they"re no a long term storage solution.
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Yeah, milk jugs room a bad idea for drinking water storage because there is part enzyme in them that not also bleach have the right to remove plus they breakdown like what girlfriend experienced. I"m wonder if water jugs the look like milk jugs space the same method as much as breaking down.
I"ve had actually the gallon water jugs begin leaking after a year. Lock were simply sitting top top a shelf in the dark, cool, basement since I bought them.
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they are precisely the very same .... Brand change as necessary .... Sector standard because that food great beverage use
I use the Arizona brand 1 gallon plastic tea jugs. Tough, thick-walled, much more durable. Tradewinds tea likewise uses the same style/type jug.
I have actually store bottled water in jugs since 1994..Some the it has evaporated. Im maintaining it to make clorox from calcium hypochlorite....We had a overwhelming & this was left end water from my guard job of handing out water...
Ihave about 20 milk jugs I save filled for the bathroom and also washing dishes or bathingnot because that drinking and also they last about ! year and will stsrt leaking.I use the 7 gal blue aqua jugs for cooking and drinking water.
Ditto the water jugs I have seens room te same thickness as the milk jugs. Perform not think they space any better or worse
The obvious solution to me is why store jugs the water for 3 years?Swap it out for fresh as soon as in a while. Rotate stock!
The obvious solution to me is why keep jugs of water for 3 years?Swap it out for fresh once in a while. Rotate stock!
The large problem with milk jugs is that they space porous and also contained milk. The milk is absorbed into the pores and you have the right to spend a really long time flushing and reflushing them out. One month and a half dozen washings later and also there will still be the faint odor and taste the spoiled milk in the water.Yes they space made of the same material. Very cheap plastic. The plastic will certainly decompose over time and become fragile. After ~ a if they will disintegrate on your own. Ns wouldn"t trust gallon water jugs for more than a year. I"ve had them spontaneously fall apart.
I agree with others they are made of the very same material, not good for long-term storage. Others have mentioned lock lasting a year or two . . . Shot using them frequently, lock will start leaking lot sooner. They"re simply not designed to withstand day-to-day use for more than a couple of weeks.
I"ve to be thinking about using lock to store water for non-drinking purposes. Ns buy milk every mainly anyways, might too start conserving them. I simply need to know the best method of cleaning/disinfecting them?
Since I have actually springs, a well and also ponds I do not store much water (a couple of poly drums 55;s). But I do store about 40 gallons in old milk jugs come flush commodes inside "just in case".Water runs the end of the hillsides about here.
I"ve to be thinking about using castle to keep water for non-drinking purposes. Ns buy milk every main anyways, might as well start conserving them. I simply need to recognize the best means of cleaning/disinfecting them?
Dish soap-rinse climate a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide food class 35% come a gallon.. Let sit and pour out. Colloidal silver- works great too.Chlorine is toxic.
When i went to develop up my water supply in a serious means (not simply the BS-ing I had done til then) I started off recycling old plastic milk jugs. Through a significant cleaning they functioned just fine for years and also years.When i went to broaden it, I went to an commercial plastics supplier and ordered brand new milk jugs. Ns told them I had actually a buddy who made cider and also they did not also think twice. These jugs also came with brand-new lids and also everything. They have lasted me fine over a decade with no leaks or together at all. In fact, they all were emptied after a move and also then refilled.The key I have uncovered is save them together intended: in a milk crate. It provides them support, stability, and protection from exterior contact.
"History is-a made at night. Personality is what you room in the dark." Lord man Whorfin."Fair enough. I favor to bring it, friend never recognize when you"re walking to need it. A case may come up, say, for example, someone has actually been drinking, and around to journey a loved one home, climate I"d like to recognize I have actually it. Not to kill, no. Just to maim. Take a little off the shoulder. Swish! The elbow. Slash! shave a tiny meat turn off the old kneecap. Fowap! Ooooo! You obtained both kneecaps? I prefer to save mine razor sharp. Sharp sufficient you can shave with it. Why, I"ve been known to circumcise a gnat." Buck Russell.
I"ve been thinking about using castle to store water because that non-drinking purposes. I buy milk every mainly anyways, might as well start conserving them. I just need to know the best method of cleaning/disinfecting them?
There is none. There have been a the majority of warnings from health and wellness agencies not to reuse milk jugs because that drinking water, regardless how well you wash them out. The fats get into the pores the the plastic and cannot be washed out. They breed bacteria in the pores, walk rancid indigenous exposure come O2, etc. Part of survive is mitigating unnecessary risk. There are simply too countless other alternatives that space a much better choice.

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