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Born together James King Aurness on the 26th might 1923 in Minneapolis, Minnesota USA to Rolf Cirkler Aurness and also Ruth Duesler. James is that Norwegian and German ancestry; his last name, originally Aurness was changed when he became an actor – his grandfather, Peter Aurness, emigrated indigenous Norway in 1887. He wasn’t alone farming up, as he had actually a younger brother, Peter, who additionally became a well known actor. Elevated as Methodists, James to be taught to earn a living from very early age. While in high institution he was a courier for a jewelry wholesaler. This however impacted his high college performance in a negative way, but eventually he managed to earn a diploma in 1942.

Before Acting, James want to it is in a navy Fighter Pilot

He joined the army in 1943 but his desires were quenched once he uncovered that in ~ 6 feet and also 7 inches that was also tall to be a fighter pilot. That was sent to fort Snelling Minnesota in march 1943, ending up being a rifleman, and in the battle of Anzio he to be severely wounded in his right leg, as a an outcome of which that was moved to the US military 91st basic Hospital in Clinton, Iowa. He couldn’t return to fight because that the severity that the wounds, and also was honorably discharged on the 29th January 1945, yet not before receiving the copper Star and also the violet Heart, and several other decorations, consisting of the European-African-Middle Eastern campaign Medal with three bronze battle stars.

Hitchhiking come Hollywood

Before coming to be an actor, James operated as a radio announcer because that WLOL in his indigenous Minneapolis. However, two years later, James determined to leave his short article and try to succeed as an actor, and also believe the or not, that hitchhiked come Hollywood where he signed v RKO Pictures.

Acting Debut and also the duty of Matt Dillon


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