35 year old

Date that Birth:

November 15, 1985

Birth Place:

Orange County, California



Full Name:

Jeffrey Lynn Steininger


YouTube Star, musician, entrepreneur, fashion designer, Make-up artist


6 feet 1 inch




Jeffree Star is one of the best makeup artist in the people today. The showcases his skills on social media, and he has 17.4 million subscribers ~ above his YouTube channel. Jeffree is the meaning of self-made, and also he has managed to turn his love because that makeup right into a company empire.

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Star introduced his cosmetics line in 2014 utilizing his life savings, and also turned it right into a multi-million dissension company. He began by marketing liquid lipsticks and later on diversified into lip scrubs, eyeshadow palettes, clothing, and beauty accessories. Today, Star’s beauty beauty collections sell out within minutes of your release.

Star is as successful as that is controversial. This item will look at Star’s dating life, his controversies, and the decision that resulted in the premature finish of his music career.

He was affiliated in an emotional breakup with Nathan Schwandt


Jeffree started his music career when Peaches’ drummer Samantha Maloney urged him to start making music. Star took part in the True Colors tourism 2007, i beg your pardon passed v 15 cities across the joined States and also Canada. The tourism was sponsored by the LGBT logo design Channel. Star signed ~ above Akon’s document label ~ Akon heard his music.

Star talked to OC Weekly in ~ the time;

“Akon and also I have been talking for around three months; someone gave him a copy of beauty Killer, so we met in Atlanta a couple of times. We really clicked – he’s among the many intelligent people in the music business. Akon and his team are managing my totality career now, so I’ll have an official website, radio push, and a whole new album in 2011.”

Akon once defined Jeffree together the next Lady Gaga. However, Jeffree’s job didn’t job-related out as he had hoped. He didn’t release an album through Konvict Muzik, and he left the music market in 2013.

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Star went on to refer to his decision to sign on with Konvict as the worst mistake he ever made.