Leave It to Beaver star Ken Osmond — who play Eddie Haskell on the show — died on may 18, 2020 at 76 year old. Variety reported that the actor passed away in his Los Angeles home, surrounding by family. While the reason of his fatality is right now unknown, he supposedly struggled through respiratory problems. 

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Many room mourning the star"s passing, consisting of the Los Angeles Police Department, where he invested 18 years as component of the force. In 1980, throughout his time in legislation enforcement, Osmond was shot three times in an exchange that gunfire v a suspected auto thief, that was later on accused that murdering someone. Osmond just survived the incident because of a bulletproof vest that caught two bullets and a belt buckle that recorded the third.

Per the Associated Press, Osmond faced clinical depression following the shooting and also was discharged indigenous the force as a result, ending his career as a cop. Yet that"s once he made the shift back into acting, to the satisfied of his numerous fans. As it transforms out, his return to the television screen was not simply a job switch because that him, that was likewise a opportunity for his two sons — Eric and Christian Osmond — to show off your own skills on set. 

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Both Osmond brother — that are currently 49 and 46, respectively — were just 12 when they an initial starred in Leave It to Beaver. Eric began in 1983, follow to IMDb, and Christian three years later on in 1986. When Christian jumped straight right into the television collection when he first started, Eric additionally got come play a part in the show"s movie spinoff, Still the Beaver, prior to plunging into The brand-new Leave It to Beaver TV series. 

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Perhaps since of their age differences, Eric continued to be on the display for 6 years total, while Christian play his component for three. And both of their cameos were fitting — they played the young of Eddie Haskell, that was played by their famed father Ken Osmond. 

While that stint appeared to it is in the end of Christian"s short-lived acting career, Eric complied with his father"s footsteps and remained in the television and also film sector until recently. His latest recorded date as one actor was 2017, once he starred in the short film, Fluffy Land! As because that Eric, he"s handled a much higher interest together a visual effects editor and assistant editor, taking component in Scooby-Doo! movies, The Lizzie McGuire MovieCaptain America: The an initial AvengerThor, and many others.

It"s clear the brothers will miss out on their father, who likely affected their job choices. "He was an incredibly kind and also wonderful father," Eric said in a statement, adding that his dad "was loved and will be really missed."