Helen Hunt and also Leelee Sobieski room both recognized for really different types of TV shows and also movies. While hunt is renowned for starring together the hilarious Jamie ~ above the "90s sitcom Mad around You, which got a reboot i beg your pardon Hunt promoted for, Sobieski is well-known for the romantic drama Here top top Earth and the thriller The Glass House. Sobieski also starred in Never to be Kissed, and also fans love when drew Barrymore shared a throwback Never to be Kissed write-up

While these stars have had various paths in Hollywood, people talk about them a lot because that one large reason. Let"s take it a look in ~ why world say the they can be sisters.

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space They Related?

there are countless famous siblings who fans love following, and also people love the close connection Paris and Nicky Hilton have.

It would certainly be cool if Helen Hunt and also Leelee Sobieski really were related... But that"s no true.

However, people think they room sisters since they watch alike, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The publication notes that human being have wonder if Sobieski is the younger sister that Hunt.

Leelee Sobieski"s IMDb page additionally has a reference to how they look the same.

NZ Herald wrote a story around how Sobieski made decision to avoid acting in current years and also called her a "baby Helen Hunt." over there are similar references to just how Sobieski looks prefer a younger version of hunt in countless articles.

Someone common in a Reddit thread, "The fact that Helen Hunt there is no played Leelee Sobieski’s mommy in a movie by now is a cinematic oversight." someone replied, "The same is uncanny."

even a evaluation of Never to be Kissed that Peter Travers composed for Rolling Stone mentions just how the actresses look at alike: Travers composed that the character of Aldys to be played by "Leelee Sobieski, who looks much more like Helen Hunt through each role."

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when Helen Hunt has starred in plenty of movies, from As good As that Gets to Then She found Me, she is finest known because that her duty as Jamie ~ above the 90"s sitcom Mad around You.

In fact, Hunt winner an Oscar for her function in As good As that Gets. She mutual in one interview with The Guardian that she feeling "nervous" ago then since of the level that fame and attention that she got.

She explained, "I nothing think I have that sort of fame now. Ns haven’t been, in my an individual life, for this reason intriguing that I’ll always be the famous. Ns haven’t tried come make the happen. I’d choose to be famed so I deserve to get much more jobs, yet it has quietened down.”

Hunt and also Paul Reiser came earlier for the Mad around You reboot and also Hunt told The Guardian how she felt around it: “I’m pertained to that fine wreck it. But you never ever know. I don’t recognize if ns going come be an excellent in something, it is what renders it exciting; the danger that it could not walk well. I’m pretty exercised at placing the issue aside.”

Why Leelee Sobieski Quit Acting

when those who grew up or come of age in the "90s remember Leelee Sobieski indigenous movies such as Here on Earth and Never been Kissed, she hasn"t had any starring roles in an ext recent years.

according to Vice.com, she decided to protect against acting. This go happen regularly to son stars or others who ended up being famous once they to be young.

The publication provided that after ~ marrying Adam Kimmel, a fashion designer, and beginning her family, she want to devote time come them. She also said that at the age of 15, she was responsible for covering her parents" home"s rent, and it was too much. She took her husband"s last name as well.

Sobieski claimed in an interview v AnOther, “Things got complicated for me… So when I could, i stopped. It’s sort of a pistol industry—well, they every are, as soon as you research them—but in exhilaration you’re marketing your appearance so much. I would certainly cry every time I had to kiss somebody; ns couldn’t stomach it. I would certainly think ‘I favor this person, so ns don’t think they must pay me to kiss them,’ or ‘I don’t choose this person, so ns don’t desire to kiss them’. Why is mine kiss for sale?’ it made me feeling really cheap."

The List reported that Sobieski has actually a visual arts degree and also that she has end up being passionate about painting.

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It renders sense that world wonder if Leelee Sobieski and Helen Hunt room siblings because they watch so much alike, but they aren"t related. It"s just an remarkable resemblance that world truly can"t get over.

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