Share the heart of peace and joy top top this occasion of merry Christmas v your acquaintances and also loved ones.

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Just wanted to wish you all a funny Christmas, Happy Holidays, or a Happy everything you space celebrating right now of year.

And here is what Wiktionary says:

Merry Christmas and also a Happy new Year!

Is this capitalization correct? If so, walk this average that "Merry Christmas" and "Happy brand-new Year" are suitable nouns?

capitalization christmas
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"Christmas" and "New Year" are proper nouns; the "Merry" and also "Happy" are modifiers capitalized because of association.
Dec 15 "10 at 12:03
The adverb "Very" is editing and enhancing the capitalized adjective "Merry", for this reason I'd capitalize "Very" here.
Dec 15 "10 at 12:20

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As others have actually mentioned, Christmas and brand-new Year are suitable nouns, and thus room capitalized. Normally the paragraph "Merry Christmas" and also "Happy brand-new Year" are offered in greetings, together headings, or in some various other isolated way, and also thus "Happy" and also "Merry" are the an initial word that the sentence, and thus those words space capitalized.

Happy new Year!

is a sentence through itself, and thus Happy must be capitalized. It would not be necessary to capitalize "birthday" if you to be saying "Happy birthday" rather of "Happy new Year".

I great you a funny Christmas and happy new Year.

is just how I"d capitalize the words if castle weren"t being supplied on your own, yet rather in a longer sentence.

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Christmas and new Year are ideal nouns.

I know the Merry Christmas and also other together greetings space usually capitalised, however the reason why is unclear.

They room not proper nouns, yet they are phrases and as together the first letter the the first word is frequently capitalised, yet this is not set in stone. I acquire the impression that their are cultural differences, that civilization state-side are much more likely no to capitalise Merry and Happy, but I can"t confirm this.

You could also perhaps think about them estimates that have actually lost the quotation marks:

We great you a "Merry Christmas"

However, there is a school of thought that goes against this; they consider merry Christmas perfectly acceptable, despite to me is looks rather odd.

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