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Here is a list the casinos in California that enable 18+ to gamble. Friend will notification that some still have a limit of 21+; This is as result of the casino adhering come liquor licensing authorities since alcohol is served on the premises.

CasinoAddressLegal Age
Barona Casino1932 Wildcat Canyon Rd, Lakeside, CA 9204018+
Casino Pauma777 Pauma reservation Rd, Pauma Valley, CA 9206118+
Chicken Ranch Casino16929 Chicken Ranch Rd, Jamestown, CA 9532718+
Eagle hill Casino681 S preventive Rd, Porterville, CA 9325718+
Gold country CasinoOlive Hwy, Oroville, CA 9596518+
Golden Acorn Casino1800 golden Acorn Way, Campo, CA 9190618+
Lucky be affected by each other Casino12510 CA-96, Hoopa, CA 9554618+
Morongo Casino Resort49500 Seminole Dr, Cabazon, CA 9223018+
Red Fox Casino200 Cahto Dr, Laytonville, CA 9545418+
Table mountain Casino8184 Table hill Rd, Friant, CA 9362618+
Coyote valley Casino77 BIA Rd 228, Redwood Valley, CA 9547018+ at the mini casino “Gasino” 21+ in ~ the main casino
Viejas Casino5000 Willows Rd, Alpine, CA 9190118+ to go into bingo and also slot parlor 21+ to enter table games area
Tachi Palace17225 Jersey Ave, Lemoore, CA 9324518+ come play bingo 21+ come play table games
Cache Creek Casino14455 CA-16, Brooks, CA 9560621+
Sherwood sink Casino100 Kawi Pl, Willits, CA 9549021+
Cher-Ae-Heights Casino27 Scenic Dr, Trinidad, CA 9557021+
Chumash Casino Resort3400 CA-246, Santa Ynez, CA 9346021+
Elk valley Casino2500 Howland Hill Rd, Crescent City, CA 9553121+
Jackson Rancheria Casino 12222 new York Ranch Rd, Jackson, CA21+
Mono Wind Casino37302 Rancheria Ln, Auberry, CA 9360221+
Pechanga Casino45000 Pechanga Pkwy, Temecula, CA 9259221+
Pit flow Casino20265 Tamarack Ave, Burney, CA 9601321+
San Manuel Casino777 mountain Manuel Blvd, Highland, CA 9234621+
Sycuan Casino5469 Casino Way, El Cajon, CA 9201921+

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In California the minimum legal age collection by the State in 18 years of age.

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However, each casino has the capability to progressive the minimum age if castle wish. Therefore, friend will discover that some accept 18 years old’s and also some have raised their minimum period to 21.