It’sIt’s a concern that so numerous fans often ponder about, and also so carry out we. Today, we imagine a world where Neville Longbottom, not Harry, had actually been chosen as Voldemort’s target.

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Would Voldemort still have fallen? would certainly Harry have had actually a much more ‘traditional’ life? would Neville have actually still fulfilled the prophecy, or would the wizarding battle still have waged on? and also most importantly, would Neville tho have had actually quite the exact same passion for Herbology v all this extra admin to take care of?! of course, this is every hypothetical, therefore Accio a pinch that salt! but what if, indeed...

‘As the saturday month dies’


In Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix, bother is challenged with a shocking revelation: his fate through Lord Voldemort was constantly sealed. It was told in a prophecy as soon as he was just a baby.

‘The one v the power to vanquish the Dark Lord ideologies … born come those who have thrice defied him, born as the saturday month die … and also the Dark mr will note him as his equal, but he will have actually power the Dark lord knows no … and either have to die in ~ the hand the the other for neither have the right to live while the various other survives … the one with the strength to vanquish the Dark Lord will certainly be born together the seventh month die …’Sybill Trelawney, bother Potter and also the stimulate of the Phoenix

In among Professor Trelawney’s rare prophecies that actually came to pass, she speak of ‘the one v the strength to vanquish the Dark Lord’, v a particular description of who that can be. Back the prophecy was told to Albus Dumbledore, rather unexpectedly in a pub no less, Severus Snape overheard it, relayed the information earlier to lord Voldemort, who, in turn, interpreted this secret future assassin to be Lily and also James porter child. However, as Dumbledore describes to Harry, it can have expected another. Neville Longbottom, harry classmate, was additionally born at the end of July, and also born to parents who had actually thrice defied mr Voldemort.

Nonetheless, Voldemort picked Harry for the factors Dumbledore theorises here.

‘But he can have chosen wrong!’ said Harry. ‘He could have marked the wrong person!’

‘He chose the young he believed most likely to be a peril to him,’ said Dumbledore. ‘And notification this, Harry: that chose, no the pureblood (which, follow to his creed, is the only kind of sorcerer’s worth being or knowing) however the half-blood, favor himself. He observed himself in you prior to he had ever before seen you, and also in noting you v that scar, that did not kill you, as he intended, but gave you powers, and also a future, which have actually fitted you come escape him not once, but four time so much – something that neither your parents, nor Neville’s parents, ever before achieved.’

Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix

So, that was that. Yet what if the variables were different, and it had actually been Neville, who additionally grew as much as play a an essential part in mr Voldemort’s eventual defeat?

Would Neville’s parents have died, choose Harry’s did? and also would Voldemort still have fallen?


Much favor Harry, Neville also grew up there is no his parents, albeit in a really different sort of way. While both his mum, Alice, and also dad, Frank, were still alive, they had actually been torture to insanity by death Eaters soon after lord Voldemort’s fall from power and also spent the rest of their days in ~ St Mungo’s Hospital. But if Neville’s family members had to be targeted, and Lord Voldemort had gone after castle instead, over there is a chance that the Longbottoms could’ve been eliminated straight after lord Voldemort learnt the the prophecy. After all, the Potters had actually been surprise by Albus Dumbledore, after ~ Snape tipped the off and also begged that to shot and safeguard the mrs he loved, Lily.

Snape go not have actually the same connection to the Longbottoms, and also may well have actually not interfered, an interpretation nobody would’ve known the assault on them was coming. Although, possibly Albus Dumbledore, after hearing the prophecy, would’ve put his very own protective actions in location on both family members (the Longbottoms and the Potters) anyway. However even without a Peter Pettigrew-type come betray anybody, mr Voldemort has actually his means of recognize people. And also there room no promises that Neville’s parents wouldn’t have actually tried to defend their boy in a similar method that Harry’s parents did. Would a comparable protective magic, forged native love, have actually saved Neville?

It’s rather possible. Dumbledore does define to Harry that Lord Voldemort checked out Godric’s hole not knowing that by going to strike Harry, there would certainly be a possibility the occasion would end in his downfall. This is due to the fact that Snape never ever heard the entire prophecy.

‘He heard only the beginning, the component foretelling the bear of a boy in July to parental who had thrice defied Voldemort.

Consequently, he could not warn his master that to assault you would certainly be to hazard transferring power to you, and also marking you as his equal. So Voldemort never knew that there can be hazard in attacking you, that it can be way to wait, to learn more. That did not understand that you would have actually power the Dark lord knows no –’Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix

So, if mr Voldemort had favored Neville, maybe a similar phenomenon would have actually occurred...

Would Neville still have actually been friends with Harry, Ron and Hermione? and would they have all to be friends?


Let’s to speak it did, and also Lord Voldemort was still thwarted, and also it was poor Neville who lost his parents, no Harry. Uneven Harry, Neville would’ve still grown up discovering he was a wizard, together presumably his granny Augusta would’ve still taken treatment of him.

And maybe we can also assume Neville would’ve still to be the exact same nervous, clumsy child if he to be still lugged up by his strict, often chiding, grandmother. And also let’s assume he was still in Gryffindor. What is no clear is exactly how Harry’s life would’ve been different, and also how the would’ve dictated events.

Beyond that, what would certainly Harry’s hogwarts experience have been like? would certainly he still have actually pursued the exact same interests, still join the Gryffindor Quidditch team? still fallen because that Ginny? Malfoy wouldn’t have actually bothered that so lot without his fame, surely. And would that still have actually been friends with Ron and also Hermione? harry’s parents certainly knew the Weasleys, at any rate. Yet either way, we imagine Harry and Neville would’ve both still remained in Gryffindor, and hence would’ve end up being friends through their house. And we merely can’t imagine a civilization where Harry and also Ron nothing befriend each other eventually. And also no issue what timeline of occasions – the defiant Hermione would constantly team up with Neville to uncover his lost toad, Trevor. For this reason those friendships may have found a way...

How would certainly Neville have dealt with Harry’s hogwart adventures?


Finding the Philosopher’s Stone... Discovering the mysteries the the room of Secrets... Taking component in the Triwizard Tournament... It"s a lot. And also in his younger years, beloved Neville was absolutely not the first Hogwarts student the leapt come mind once it involved saving the castle from specific peril, or indeed, dodging Hungarian Horntails. He could barely save Trevor under control, permit alone a giant, scaly dragon.

Neville only truly came right into his own as soon as Harry, Ron and Hermione started up Dumbledore’s army in their fifth year. And also it’s not likely Harry would’ve started up Dumbledore’s army if he’d to be living a substantially calmer hogwart life, not having had to discover extra protective spells, not having had actually to prosper up far quicker than usual v the looming danger of a Dark magician on his back. But it’s feasible Umbridge would’ve still to be around, and also some type of alliance would’ve still been needed. Possibly Hermione, who we can certainly still view being friends v Neville, would’ve began it up v Neville in tow?

In fact, with every one of the challenges Harry confronted at Hogwarts and also beyond, he had actually his friend (friends prefer Neville!) to aid him. We have the right to only imagine Neville would"ve gained the very same support network.

And how would things have ended?


When every is said and also done, mr Voldemort would’ve still had actually his Horcruxes, and Neville would’ve still recognized that neither should live when the other survives. We imagine Dumbledore would’ve quiet tutored Neville around Voldemort’s history – and we deserve to still imagine Dumbledore dying, albeit perhaps through Malfoy or the fatality Eaters rather than Snape. An ext on Snape in a moment.

With the assumption Hermione and Neville would’ve still to be friends... And Neville’s cultivation confidence shaping him into a good wizard... It is feasible Neville would’ve quiet fulfilled the prophecy. And if harry ever discovered out the it could’ve been him, you’d have to think that he would’ve been on hand to help Neville?

Of course, we’ll never truly recognize what would have actually really happened, yet never forget the courage that Neville displayed, indigenous a young, nervous first-year do the efforts to avoid Harry Potter sneaking approximately Hogwarts come a war-beaten hero who ruined one of lord Voldemort’s most precious Horcruxes. No matter what the prophecy important meant, Neville would always have a huge component to pat in the battle against darkness in the Wizarding World.

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A note around Snape

We can’t aid but think around how Severus Snape’s life might’ve adjusted during this altered chain of events, specifically as it could’ve caused Lily Potter never ever dying. In our eyes, we have the right to imagine Lily and James would’ve continued to it is in married happily, and perhaps Snape would’ve simply continued to assistance Voldemort and also never come to be a double-spy for Dumbledore. After ~ all, his love the Lily and the grief of shedding her is very much what shaped Snape’s story. Without the grief driving him on, would Snape really have changed his ways? possibly that’s a conversation for another day...