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Olivia Holt is rumored to have hooked up through Leo Howard in 2011.

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On display screen Matchups

Olivia Holt and also Leo Howard were in Kickin" It(2011) together.


Olivia Holt is a 24 year old American Actress. Born Olivia Hastings Holt on fifth August, 1997 in Germantown, Tennessee, USA, she is famous for Kickin It, Girl vs. Monster in a career the spans music career and also 2012–present. Her zodiac authorize is Leo.

Leo Howard is a 24 year old American Actor. Born Leo Richard Howard on 13th July, 1997 in Newport Beach, CA, that is renowned for Shorts. His zodiac authorize is Cancer.


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Relationship StatisticsStatusDurationLengthMarriedTotal
2016 - 2016
2011 - 20165 years

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Relationship Timeline

2016 - Marriage

The On-Screen date of Ack and also kim ended up being a Off-Stage Romance

Couple compare

Olivia Holt
Leo Howard


Age (at begin of relationship)
Kickin" It2011


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