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Pepper spray is supplied as a non-lethal type of self-defense. Brand-new York has details regulations and also guidelines about selling, purchasing and also carrying pepper spray. This regulations administrate the dimension of the pepper-spray canisters that have the right to be sold, and the information that must be noted with each canister. Pepper spray in brand-new York must be provided for self-defense purposes only. Any type of other usage can result in criminal charges. Certain animal pepper sprays in brand-new York bring different guidelines.

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In order to purchase pepper spray in new York you need to be at least 18 year of age and also have no document of felony or attack convictions one of two people in brand-new York, or an additional state. You may only to buy pepper spray in brand-new York indigenous a fully licensed guns dealer or from a pharmacist who has a allow to sell it. Prior to finalizing a purchase of pepper spray, you must fill out a kind indicating the you are of legal age and are totally free of felony convictions. The total variety of pepper spray canisters that have the right to be offered to one person at once is two.



Pepper spray canisters sold in new York must include directions for proper use. Castle must also contain information regarding safety and also storage, and also first-aid information. Every canister must likewise supply a toll-free call number regarding the accessibility of local self-defense training and safety courses for using the product. Finally, the canister need to declare that making use of the spray for any kind of purpose various other than self-defense is a criminal offense.

It is only legal to bring pepper spray in new York if the canister is pocket-sized. Each canister must have a brand on it indicating the the spray is for self-defense purposes only. Although that is legitimate to lug pepper spray in new York, it need to be purchased in ~ the state. The is illegal to mail pepper spray from one more city, state or country into brand-new York.

The brand-new York department of wellness places regulations on exactly what species of self-defense pepper spray can be offered in the state. The energetic ingredient in any canister of legal pepper spray must be oleo-resin capsicum. The maximum net weight of any kind of canister is 3/4oz. Furthermore, the canister itself might not show up to it is in anything yet pepper spray. Disguising it come look prefer something rather is a criminal offense.

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Animal Sprays


While the is illegal to mail or bring pepper spray into brand-new York from an additional area, certain varieties of pet pepper sprays, or pet repellents, space legal to ship and transport--including dog and bear pepper sprays. Unlike traditional pepper spray, these sprays may be purchased online and do not need a criminal background check. You need not purchase animal pepper sprays in brand-new York indigenous a licensed weapons dealer or pharmacy.