TLC’s popular display Sister Wives complies with Kody Brown and his Polygamist family. In the most recent season, the Browns have moved to Flagstaff, Arizona, wherein they to buy a plot of land and have to plan to build one massive home (though the women don’t want it as much as Kody does). Yet the Browns have had several run-ins with the police, since Polygamy no legal in any type of of the 50 joined states. Yet if that’s the case, how have the right to the Brown family members live the means they do?

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Kody Brown and also his wives in 2012 | Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Polygamy is the idea of having multiple wives

Very few people in the U.S. Exercise polygamy, together it has technically been outlawed since 1852. At one point, though, the was exercised by around a quarter of the members that the Church of Jesus Christ that Latter-Day Saints (commonly known as Mormons). Polygamist households consist that one husband who married several wives, though the variety of wives isn’t always the same. In the instance of the Sister Wives family, Kody was married to 4 women at once (Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn) before he and also Meri legally divorce in 2014. Today, Meri stays a part of the family despite the couple’s divorce.

The Brown household has been affiliated with the police over their way of living

Though the Brown household has their own TLC show and also isn’t shy about their lifestyle, it has actually put them into tough instances in the past. Few of the family’s neighbors haven’t been so agree of your lifestyle. A while back, Kody made decision to move his family members to las Vegas, where they cleared up into a cul de sac of four homes; every woman resided in her own house with her children, and also the setup appeared to occupational for them. However, Kody climate uprooted the family once much more after to buy a huge plot of floor in Arizona. And also in a sneak peek of the brand-new season, the police were dubbed within days of their arrival.

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Kody’s only present legal marital relationship is v Robyn

If polygamy is illegal in the U.S., how deserve to the Brown family members live the method they do? Well, Kody is technically just married come one woman. Ago in 1990, that legally married his first wife, Meri. Then, in 1993, the spiritually married Janelle; the 2 aren’t legit married. In 1994, the spiritually married Christine; they don’t have actually a legitimate marriage, either. And in 2010, he spiritually married Robyn. However, after he and Meri were legally divorce in 2014, Kody legitimate married Robyn so the he could adopt her children. The Brown family discovered the loophole — despite they behave favor a Polygamist family, Kody is just truly married to one of them.

It looks like trouble is heading toward the family in Arizona

TLC freshly showed a “first look” in ~ thenew season the Sister Wives, whichpremieres in January. Kody has uprooted the family, and they’re stable intotheir temporary residences in Flagstaff, Arizona. Kody purchased a substantial plot ofland and also is hoping to to convince his wives to construct one huge house for the familyto live in. However a preview that the new season reflects the police being called tothe Brown home. The Browns then discuss that they room worried about feelingunwelcome in their brand-new neighborhood ~ the neighbors reportedly called thepolice top top them.

Fans will have to wait and also see just how the run-in through policepans out for the family when the new season premieres top top January 5 in ~ 10 p.m.ET.