You have the right to still be arrested because that public drunkenness in Pennsylvania, yet the responding officer may provide you a citation at the scene instead. The quote will call for you to do among two things: pay a fine or request a court hearing. If the officer trust you room a risk to yourself or others, or if they doubt you of another crime on height of publicly drunkenness, such together DUI, they might take you into custody.

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If girlfriend are encountering a publicly drunkenness charge in Pennsylvania, recognize that a conviction will go on her criminal record, and also it will likewise show increase on elevator checks performed in the future by employers, landlords, or homeowners’ associations. A criminal defense lawyer native McKenzie legislation Firm, P.C., can aid you fight these charges. Because that a cost-free consultation, speak to our office now at 610-680-7842.

What Is a summary Offense

Public drunkenness is a an overview offense, no a misdemeanor crime. A an introduction offense is the lowest type of criminal charge in Pennsylvania. Minor web traffic violations autumn under the heading of an introduction offenses, as carry out non-traffic crimes such together disorderly conduct, underage drinking, and also criminal mischief.

Summary offenses are still crime in Pennsylvania, and convictions do appear on her criminal record. But rather than entailing jail time, castle are typically punishable by a fine.

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What happens After I get a Citation because that Public Drunkenness in Pennsylvania

After you get a citation for a an introduction offense such together public drunkenness, you have actually 10 days to respond to it. Choose with a web traffic ticket, you can either salary a fine, i m sorry is successfully a guilty plea, or request a court date. If you ask because that a court date, you will have the possibility to rental a lawyer to aid you prepare a defense.

But no matter what girlfriend do, that is imperative to respond come the citation in ~ the 10-day window. If you carry out not, you may be arrested and also brought come court.

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Penalty because that Public Drunkenness in Pennsylvania

If you get a citation for public drunkenness in Pennsylvania, that will most likely involve a fine of $500, assuming it is your very first offense. Because that a 2nd or succeeding public drunkenness violation, the fine doubles to $1,000.

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