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Romeo and Juliet rigid Poem

Their families’ differencesKept lock apartFate had them doomedRight native the start

As shortly as he experienced herHis other love the forgotDespite their families’ wishesThey preferred each various other a lot

He walk to check out herThe night that they metShe pronounced her love for himBut it was by accident

They make plans come marryThe an extremely next dayAnd to save it a secretThey’d discover a way

Nurse helped her toFollow she heartAnd to acquire to her loveBy nine ‘o clock sharp

They were climate marriedAnd enabled no one to knowFor every minute apartTheir love appeared to grow

A brawl then damaged outHis ideal friend to be slainBy his secret wife’s cousinThis caused him great pain

He picked up his swordIn his unthinking griefAnd slaughtered his kinsmanHis death would it is in brief


Romeo and Juliet to be from two different worlds. Though they thought they loved every other, they just couldn't it is in together due to the fact that of the feud between their families.


Her husband to be banishedHer cousin put deadShe couldn’t believeThe news that was said

She required to check out himHe’d be soon sent awayNurse knew whereby he wasSo she sent her his way

He went to view herAt her window that nightHe’d soon need to leaveAll would not it is in alright

She had to obtain marriedTo a guy picked by her dadHe knew naught aboutThe husband she currently had

The wedding had actually to be stoppedBefore that beganSo she visited the friarAnd they came up with a plan

They assumed she had actually diedThe setup was functioning out greatBut her husband, too, was trickedOh sore was your fate!

Without his true loveHe didn’t want to liveSo that bought part poisonTo which self he would give

She developed from she tombOnly to find an ext despairHer just love laying deadWas an ext than she could bear

But the poison was goneAnd voices were heard down the hallSo she picked up the daggerAnd with fatality she walk fall

From misguided hatredTwo lives were lostOnly v deathCould their differences be resolved


The love in between Romeo and Juliet wasn't supposed to be.


Why I created this Poem

I wrote this narrative poem summarizing the plot of william Shakespeare’s famous play, Romeo and also Juliet as component of one English assignment in high school. This poem serves to summary the key plot point out of the play, and also to assist the leader to far better understand the play.

© 2018 Jennifer Wilber


Beatrice Chiu on might 15, 2020:

It's really a an excellent and beautiful literary idea of utilizing poems to help young literature learners understand the play. Give thanks to you for her sharing, Jennifer. It's Beatrice, native Hong Kong.

Amalia Leo top top April 06, 2020:

Hi!! I´m native Spain and I love her narrative poem :)

Could friend tell me if there is any kind of figure of speech (rhetorical figure) in the text??

BRENDA ARLEDGE indigenous Washington Court home on November 21, 2019:

Your descriptions room wonderful. I have the right to feel this entirety poem as it take away place.

Great write.

K'okula Geórgê top top October 28, 2019:

Good work you deserve to inspire many civilization who are willing to become poets

Carol Murray top top October 22, 2019:

We enjoyed the work, save writing

Priya Dinesh native Bangalore ~ above September 13, 2019:

Such an innovative approach, it was an absolute delight to read. Many thanks for share this :)

Tim Truzy native U.S.A. ~ above April 21, 2019:

Great work. Loved it. Romeo and also Juliet deserve to be challenging without some idea behind the plot. Your city was excellent. Thanks.-Tim

Mark Tulin from Palm Springs, California top top October 01, 2018:

Good exercise. In poetry, you could really feel the strength of the story.

Elijah A Alexander Jr indigenous Washington DC on July 16, 2018:

I have to say give thanks to you since I never got the gist of what that city was about. Perhaps I never actually completed it yet for sure I currently know, thanks to girlfriend pining it so clearly.

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Jennifer Wilber
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