When she was available the function of Rusty opposite Kevin Bacon, Parker turned it down practically immediately - since she didn"t desire to mess through her hair. A herbal brunette, she had played the role of iconic orphan Annie in the music of the exact same name ~ above Broadway native 1979-80, for which she had actually to reduced her hair and dye that red.

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As component of a conversation because that People"s The Jess Cage Interview ~ above 13 October, 2016 she revealed the the film"s

producers asked her to perform the exact same thing again, and also she wasn"t at every excited in ~ the prospect.

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"They wanted me to cut my hair off and also dye that red due to the fact that the character’s name was Rusty, and I was like, ‘Oh God, mine hair just grew back from Annie." ns couldn’t imagine cutting my hair off and also dying the red again, and also being a redhead didn’t really suit me, so i passed, and also they rental (Square Pegs actress) Tracy Nelson.”

But something walk wrong and also producers decided they needed to sell the part to buy it Jessica once again.

“They dubbed me indigenous the set. The didn’t occupational out, and they said, ‘Can you fly to Utah tomorrow?’ ns was like, ‘I can, yet I cannot reduced my hair off and dye the red.’ They were like, ‘Don’t worry around your hair. Just gain here.’"

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The film came to be a cult standard and also gave Parker her very first adult role.

"That to be my an initial job as an 18-year-old i beg your pardon on the (U.S.) West coast mattered due to the fact that you didn’t need to have a guardian."

She also found a friend in the film"s so late director Herbert Ross however admits she and also other actors members uncovered themselves top top the receiving end of his famed temper.

"The thing that I acquired yelled at because that was ns learned run routines slowly. Some world pick it increase super-fast and I no fast. But I loved him and was an extremely sorry when he passed (in 2001)."

Funnily enough, Parker returned to her red root on Monday night in new York City at a star-studded Broadway for Hillary (Clinton) advantage - to sing Tomorrow from Annie.

And no, she didn"t cut her famously long sleek ombre locks, or dye castle red.

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