Stockard Channing Biography

Stockard Channing is an Award-winning actress from the United says who is known for her duties in the movie Grease in 1978, in the NBC television collection The West Wing, and also in the stage and film versions of Six levels of Separation, for which she was nominated because that the Tony compensation for finest Actress in a Play and also the Academy compensation for best Actress.

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How old is Stockard Channing? – Age

Channing is 77 years old as of February 13, 2021. She was born in 1944 in new York, brand-new York, united States.

Stockard Channing family – Parents, Sister, and also Education

Channing and also her sister Lesly Stockard Smith, who is a previous mayor that Palm Beach, Florida room daughters of the late mar Alice, that was from a big Brooklyn ireland Catholic family, and also the so late Lester Napier Stockard, who remained in the shipping business. She studied history and literature from Radcliffe college in Massachusetts, wherein in 1965, she i graduated from the high school of girls. Radcliffe combined with Harvard college in 1999. She to be trained at HB studio in brand-new York. Channing is a graduate college student from the Madeira college in McLean, Virginia.

Stockard Channing Husband

She to be married and also she was divorced 4 times. She has actually no children. In 1963 she married Walter Channing and retained the amalgamated surname ‘Stockard Channing’ till her divorce in 1967. Her 2nd partner to be Paul Schmidt, a professor of Slavic literature, native 1970 to 1976 and also her third one was the writer/producer David Debin indigenous 1976 to 1980. David Rawle was her fourth partner who she married indigenous 1980 come 1988. For more than 30 year she has been in touch v filmmaker Daniel Gillham; they have actually met in ~ A minute of Destiny. When not working, the pair resides in Maine.

Stockard Channing the actress

Is Stockard Channing and Tatum Channing related?

Stockard has nothing in common with Foxcatcher star Tatum and the Hollywood legend. One is a brand-new player, and one is a stage and also screen veteran. They be afflicted with the name of ‘Channing,’ though it is not recognized if they are related.

Stockard Channing Grease

Channing was actors as Betty Rizzo, Kenickie’s girlfriend and the downhearted leader the the Pink women in the 978 American musical romantic comedy film Grease.

Is Stockard Channing deaf? – with Deaf Eyes

She is the narrator of v Deaf Eyes, a collection that reviews America’s Deaf past from the 19th century to the present. The film consists of interviews with significant deaf ar members, including actress Marlee Matlin and also the Emeritus ns President of Gallaudet University. King Jordan. – King Jordan.

Six short films produced by hearing disabled media artists and also filmmakers room interwoven in the film. These i was delegated stories are poignant, often funny, and include a personalized emotion of survival to the movie in America. Via DEAF eyes tells the story of strife, racism, and affirmation with first-hand accounts and also the film as a whole that ultimately hits the core of what it method to be human.

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Stockard Channing The West Wing

She played the function of Abbey Bartlet, the very first Lady, Jed’s wife, and also a doctor in the American serial politics drama television collection The West Wing. In the 7th and final season in The West Wing, Channing only showed up in 4 episodes consisting of the finale due to the fact that she co-starred v Henry Winkler in ~ CBS sitcom out of practice at the exact same time. She to be a recurrent guest star in the present during its very first two seasons and also was a main actors member throughout 2001. After one season, CBS canceled out of Practice.

Stockard Channing Movies

♦ 2013 – Pulling Strings♦ 2010 – lot of Sarcasms♦ 2007 – Sparkle♦ 2005 – 3 Needles♦ 2005 – must Love Dogs♦ 2004 – Jack♦ 2003 – Behind the Red Door♦ 2003 – Behind the Red Door♦ 2003 – bright Young Things♦ 2002 – The Matthew Shepard Story♦ 2001 – A Girl Thing♦ 2000 – various other Voices♦ 2000 – whereby the love Is♦ 1998 – practical Magic♦ 1995 – come Wong Foo♦ 1996 – Edie and Pen♦ 1993 – Six levels of Separation♦ 1992 – bitter Moon