The late R&B singer Teddy Pendergrass through his mam Joan in 2009. Joan is functioning to save Teddy’s tradition alive. Pendergrass passed away Jan. 13, 2010 in ~ the age of 59. — file Photos

Joan Pendergrass is determined to store her late husband’s legacy alive. January 13 marked the 5th anniversary that music symbol Teddy Pendergrass" death, and Joan celebrated it by announcing her vision for maintaining his musical memories alive. She finally feels complimentary to perform this on the heels that a five-year litigation battle over the civil liberties to his estate.

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“One, this around wanting to keep his music tradition alive,” Joan stated in an exclude, interview ~ above Monday. “This is come make certain we obtain his music across to the younger generation and the generations come come therefore they know about Teddy’s music and also career.

“I think it’s crucial as a black color icon," she continued. "He was the first to have 15 yellow albums even in the year the the traffic accident. ~ that, he was still performing. He began a nonprofit organization for those with spinal injuries.”

Secondly, she is looking forward to happen Teddy Pendergrass’ life come the silver screen. She is excited that Tyrese Gibson has consented to portray the musical legend. She said due to the fact that Gibson met she late husband in September 2008, the two automatically bonded to the suggest that Teddy Pendergrass described Gibson together his “other son” and also Gibson referred to as Pendergrass “Pop,” follow to Joan.

“They started planning the biography prior to he died,” Joan said. “My husband to be sexy, had actually a physique and also was handsome. Tyrese has actually the very same sexy physique and is together handsome together he was. He can sing, so i think he is the one come portray the in a movie.”

Joan had actually been married come Teddy for 2 years prior to his death. She met him 2 years earlier after the sudden death of she cousin. She stated that her cousin came to be close friends v Teddy ideal after the 1982 accident that left Teddy paralyzed. So, throughout the time of her cousin’s funeral, Joan took it upon it s her to situate Teddy to let that know around her cousin’s passing.

“That remained in 2006,” Joan recalled. “I had actually to call the Montgomery county police to obtain a message to him whereby he lived. As soon as he got the article he dubbed me.”

From there, the 2 struck up their very own friendship that developed into a romantic partnership that led them come the marital relationship altar.

When Teddy speak to the Tribune newspaper in 2006 the said once he left Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes and also established a solo job he feel overconfident. The was until March that 1982 once an accident would reason him to end up being one of an ext than 250,000 american who suffer from spinal cord injury.

At the time Teddy stated he had started a structure that later ended up being named the Joan and also Teddy Pendergrass Foundation. He said the major thrust that the entity originally was come “provide education and occupational opportunities” because that those through SCI. “My vision is to develop a nationwide organization that will certainly act together a conduit among individuals through SCI,” Teddy said at the time.

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Joan really hopes to continue Teddy"s wish. She stated bringing together family and also friends on the 5th anniversary the his death is sending out a article to his current and future music lover that his dream will certainly not die.

“I want all his fans to know that this is not the finish of Teddy Pendergrass,” Joan said. “Teddy Pendergrass is ago on the horizon. Over there is a lot much more to the name Teddy Pendergrass.”


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