Great experience! store Manager Stephany is extremely useful and very service focused. I would recommend come anyone.

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Carlos and also Zlata are really helpful. An excellent service on both phone and hotspot. Ns would definitely recommend their store!


Phone : 1-800-CRICKET (274-2538)

Cricket Wireless Store hrs & vacation hours Weekdays hours: Mon - Fri: 10:00 am to 9:00 pm Weekends hours: Sat: 10:00 to be to 9:00 pm / Sun: 11:00 to be to 7:00 pm

Cricket Wireless gmbh is a prepaid wireless service provider in the united States, a wholly owned subsidiary of at & t Inc. Girlfriend will gain information about Cricket Wireless Today, Sunday, What time go Cricket Wireless Open/ closed. Friend can additionally find the end the Cricket Wireless hrs Near me Locations and Holiday hours of Cricket Wireless.

Last to update on respectable 11th, 2018 at 04:52 am

Cricket Wireless llc is a prepaid wireless organization provider in the unified States, a wholly owned subsidiary of at & t Inc. If you require to find out the Cricket Wireless hours Of Operation, Holiday hours & Cricket Wireless locations Near Me, need to read this article till the end.

Cricket Wireless hrs | Regular service hours

What Time go Cricket Wireless Open and also close?
Cricket Wireless store hours todayCricket Wireless opened HoursCricket Wireless close up door Hours
Monday10:00 am8:00 pm
Tuesday10:00 am8:00 pm
Wednesday10:00 am8:00 pm
Thursday10:00 am8:00 pm
Friday10:00 am9:00 pm
Cricket Wireless hrs on Saturday10:00 am9:00 pm
Cricket Wireless hours on Sunday11:00 am7:00 pm

What Time walk Cricket Wireless Close?

Is Cricket Wireless closed On Holidays?

All Cricket Wireless stores are CLOSED just on complying with public holidays

Thanksgiving DayChristmas DayEaster Sunday

Is Cricket Wireless open On Christmas?

Christmas day – Closed

Is Cricket Wireless open up On?

New years Day – OpenMemorial job – Open
Martin Luther King work – OpenFather’s day – Open
Presidents work – OpenIndependence job – Open
Valentine’s day – OpenLabor job – Open
Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday – OpenColumbus day – Open
St. Patricks day – OpenVeterans job – Open
Tax work – OpenThanksgiving day – closed
Good Friday -OpenBlack Friday – Open
Easter Sunday – closedMothers work – Open

Cricket Wireless Wiki

TypeSubsidiaryIndustryFoundedFounderHeadquartersKey peopleRevenueParentWebsite
Wireless telecommunications
March 17, 1999
Tilly Levine, Hezy Shaked
Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.
John Dwyer (President)
Leap Wireless (1999–2014)AT&T interactions (2014–present)

Cricket Wireless places | Store hrs by major Cities | locations near me

Cricket Wireless in Fairbanks, ok 74017

Location:441 N Lynn Riggs Blvd,Claremore, ok 74017, USAPhone: +1 918-342-2232

Regular store hours

Monday – FridayHours: 10AM–7PM

Weekends save hours

SaturdayHours: 10AM–7PM

SundayHours: 12–5PM

Cricket Wireless in Aurora, MO 64801

Location:420 N Rangeline Rd #1,Joplin, MO 64801, USAPhone: +1 417-553-9905

Regular store hours

Monday – FridayHours: 10AM–7PM

Weekends save hours

SaturdayHours: 10AM–7PM

SundayHours: 1–6PM

Cricket Wireless in Ridgefield, IL 61103

Location:3108 N Rockton Ave,Rockford, IL 61103, USAPhone: +1 815-877-8226

Regular store hours

Monday – FridayHours: 9AM–7PM

Weekends keep hours

SaturdayHours: 9AM–7PM

SundayHours: 11AM–4PM

Cricket Wireless in Newark, AZ 85210

Location:2722 S Alma school Rd #7,Mesa, AZ 85210, USAPhone: +1 480-654-8042

Regular store hours

Monday – FridayHours: 10AM–8PM

Weekends save hours

SaturdayHours: 10AM–8PM

SundayHours: 11AM–6PM

Cricket Wireless in Alpharetta, oh 43232

Location:4204, 2519 Franksway St,Columbus, oh 43232, USAPhone: +1 614-751-5055

Regular save hours

Monday – FridayHours: 10AM–8PM

Weekends keep hours

SaturdayHours: 10AM–8PM

SundayHours: 11AM–5PM

Cricket Wireless in Lahaina, FL 32626

Location:1924, 2173 NW 11th Dr,Chiefland, FL 32626, USAPhone: +1 352-490-7878

Regular store hours

Monday – FridayHours: 10AM–8PM

Weekends store hours

SaturdayHours: 10AM–8PM

SundayHours: 12–5PM

Cricket Wireless close to me

Please, search Cricket Wireless close to ME locations from the map below. If you find your surrounding Cricket Wireless location, click on the map displayed below and nearest Cricket Wireless save location around you will immediately pop increase on her map. Likewise use this save locator device to discover Cricket Wireless near me.

You can also get the Cricket Wireless Near Me Now through Embed Map / Food Lion save Locator. If you usage Food Lion store locator to find the Cricket Wireless Locations. Just go into your areas zip code & find Cricket Wireless Near mine Location.

Cricket Wireless black color Friday places & keep Hours

Get all set for black Friday to buy 2018 by detect the Cricket Wireless store locations nearest you. Check out black Friday keep hours, scope out the ideal parking spots and check the keep out front of time to acquire a feel for the layout. If you are traveling for her Thanksgiving celebrations and also have asked you yourself “Is over there going to it is in a Cricket Wireless near me?” ours handy save finder have the right to help.

Cricket Wireless Special occasion Hours

There are several events hosted by your local store. You will need to call your neighborhood store or the customer service department for extr details relating to the one-of-a-kind event.

Cricket Wireless Products

Data ServicesTextWireless Voice

Hopefully We aided you to gain some genuine records for Cricket Wireless hours information.

Got part questions? Or some suggestions? it is why we’ve acquired a comments section on this blog! You deserve to feel cost-free to leave a comment or two down below and we’ll get earlier to you as shortly as possible!

We love reading your messages……

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Cricket Wireless
Average rating:
2 reviews
Mar 11, 2019
by tisha thompson ~ above Cricket Wireless

Great experience! store Manager Stephany is extremely useful and really service focused. I would certainly recommend come anyone.

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Mar 11, 2019
by marielenawhite top top Cricket Wireless

Carlos and Zlata are very helpful. Good service on both phone and also hotspot. Ns would certainly recommend their store!

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