If you want a rain-free holiday, heading come a desert an ar is surely a safe bet. Annual rainfall can be as little as 156mm (6in) in some seaside areas the the province.

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The Cabo de Gata-Níjar organic Park is a stunning nature reserve follow me the Almerian coast. Its volcanic outcrops and formations are among the largest in Europe. It’s famed for its otherworldly landscapes – such together its salt flats – beautiful beaches and quaint whitewashed fishing villages.


Cabo de Gata’s salt flats space a mesmerising landscape and home to numerous flamingos. The salt flats are vital habitat for moving birds travel from Europe come Africa; it’s so necessary that the europe Union designated the totality area a Special defense Area for birdlife.

The whitewashed city of Níjar is a renowned stop-off allude in Cabo de Gata and is an especially famous because that its handcrafted pottery, textiles and also ceramics. Try some local tapas in one of the town’s little bars, and see the Mudejar-style Santa María church ~ above the key square, the Plaza de la Constitucion.


After legend film director Sergio Leone perfect filming his Spaghetti Westerns here, the sets were transformed into theme parks, allowing visitors to walk the exact same Wild West highways as Eastwood himself. The main parks you can visit today include Mini Hollywood, Texas Hollywood and also Western Leone.

The Tabernas Desert’s similarity to the American Wild West supposed it was chosen by film director Sergio Leone as the shooting location for his trilogy that Spaghetti Westerns, including The Good, the Bad and also the Ugly (1966) and A Fistful the Dollars (1964), movies that offered actor Clint Eastwood his big break.


The former gold-mining town of Rodalquilar was almost a ghost town till a brand-new wave of refurbishment in the 1990s carried a organize of bars, restaurants and also B&Bs. You can visit the old yellow mines and the interesting Casa de los Volcanes, a museum about the mines and also the geology that the wider Cabo de Gata area.

It might seem strange the what is essentially a desert can likewise be Spain’s biggest vegetable exporter, however Almería’s warm, dry climate means growing fruit and also vegetables is a year-round possibility. Create is mainly grown in more than 31,000ha (76,603 acres) the greenhouses, make up roughly 39 percent of Spain’s fruit and vegetable exports.

The capital of the region is the seaside city that Almería, which has a fascinating history. It was started by Moorish leader Abd al-Rahman III, who developed the Alcazaba (citadel) that offered the city that is name, Al-Mari’yah or the Watchtower. It was component of the Caliphate of Córdoba throughout the 10th and also 11th centuries before falling to the believer in 1489. During the Spanish civil War, the German marine severely shelled the area; you deserve to visit the city’s air-raid house today.

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The Cabo de Gata area is house to some stunning beaches, and also as Almería is residence to among Spain’s many undeveloped coasts, the region retains a rugged and unspoilt charm. Probably the most famed beach is the Playa de Mónsul, a beautiful stretch of pristine sand collection against a lift of dramatic rock formations. It has actually been offered as a filming ar for countless films, TV programmes and also adverts, consisting of Indiana Jones and the critical Crusade (1989).