“I think he has an excellent shot at beating Ken Jennings’s all at once revenue, however I don’t see him winning almost everywhere near the 74 consecutive games Jennings won.”


James Holzhauer Explains the Strategy Behind His Jeopardy Winning Streak

The Jeopardy contestant James Holzhauer has currently won 18 consecutive games and earned even more than $1.3 million—and he’s outperdeveloping the 2004 Jeopardy legend Ken Jennings in giving correct responses. Last week, Joe Pinsker created that three points give the seemingly unstoppable contestant an advantage: a deep knowledge of triusing, the speed of his respeak to, and also a mind for strategy.

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As a previous five-time Jeopardy champ in Seakid 1, I am incredibly surprised that no one has embraced Holzhauer’s “maximize your winnings per show” strategy until now. I think most future contestants will certainly probably perform so.

Two factors impact your winnings on Jeopardy: your winnings per present, and also how many type of reflects you win. If you attempt to maximize one, you will certainly reduced the other. This is because winnings per present is generally dependent on a Daily Double strategy. If you are the best of the three players, betting big will rise your intended winnings for the episode, because you’ll generally gain the answers right; but, it will decrease your chance of winning that game—and also permitting you to play even more games—bereason betting huge and lacking will work in favor of your enemies. If you bet small, you’ll rise your opportunity of winning the game, but decrease your intended winnings.

When I competed on the show—and also for many kind of, many years after—there was an upper limit of five games and/or $75,000 in winnings. The worths on the board were fifty percent of what they are currently. As a result, the ideal strategy for the premium player—specifically if you had actually a decent lead at the moment you hit the Daily Double—was to bet little and also maximize the opportunity to win each game. That’s what I did, and I had actually five solid wins and earned practically $55,000 (which would be at least $120,000 today). Betting substantial would certainly have actually just boosted my winnings rather, and also I would certainly have actually had to threat shedding a game, which was not worth it.

That’s what just around everyone did for years afterwards, including Ken Jennings in his 74-game streak. But since Jeopardy got rid of the top limit on winnings and also the five-game preeminence, my strategy may not work anyeven more. It appears prefer betting substantial on Daily Doubles—especially if you prefer the category—and also risking a loss is what will maximize your intended winnings. You’ll likely have actually a much shorter run, however you’ll win a lot even more money per display.

Maybe it took a game-theory man prefer Holzhauer to number that out. With this strategy, I think he has a good shot at beating Jennings’s overall income, yet I don’t watch him winning all over near the 74 consecutive games Jennings won.

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It certain provides Jeopardy even more amazing, though. After around 12 or 13 years of never watching the game I showed up on 3 different times—initially a run of five wins, then a Tournament of Champions, and also ultimately the Ultimate Tournament of Champions—I’m watching aobtain.