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Luckily, us live in a time whereby there is free wifi at Disney World. You may laugh, but I remember a time where you had to either pay for wifi, use your data, or walk without internet!

And I’m no that old, so the wasn’t that long ago!

Disney people has created a people where you need to access the internet and use the my Disney Experience application in order to have a great Disney human being trip.

Everything is ~ above the app.

Attraction wait times, your Lightning lane attractions, photopass, restaurant reservations, maps, showtimes. The perform goes on and on and on.

Essentially, if you’re walking on a Disney trip, you’re relying on wifi in ~ Disney World and the my Disney suffer app.

This has actually it’s ups and downs.

On one hand, it renders your Disney trip really simple to navigate. ~ above the other, you’re basically glued to her phone for every tiny aspect of her trip.

Since you’re going to be using wifi at Disney human being a lot, i figured ns would carry out you a solid and give you every my peak tips and tricks to utilizing the cost-free wifi at Disney World.

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Know where You Can and Cannot Access complimentary Wifi at Disney World

Perhaps the most essential thing you require to understand is where you have the right to access complimentary wifi in ~ Disney World.

The price is pretty lot anywhere!

Free wifi can be found:

In all four theme parksDisney SpringsBoth water parks publicly spaces at Disney hotels and also in the rooms part Disney buses (with the goal of having actually wifi on all of them)

You cannot find complimentary wifi at these places:

Mini golf coursesThe monorail and also skylinerParking lots and other components of the exterior of layout parks part walkways between parks and hotels

As you can see, there are an ext places you can access complimentary wifi at Disney people than locations you can’t.

For the typical guest, you’ll be able to accessibility wifi about 99% of the time you’re at Disney World.

Plan the perfect day in ~ Magic Kingdom


My Favourite VPN

It most likely doesn’t surprised you to discover that I’ve provided a lot of various VPNs throughout my countless years the travel.

Most of the moment I hate them and also get for this reason frustrated using them that I revolve the off and also leave my details exposed.

Don’t be choose me!

That all changed when I uncovered NordVPN.

It is the fastest VPN ~ above the market, i beg your pardon is why I always recommend it come my fellow travel lovers!

There is nothing worse than having a VPN on your phone the slows under your gadgets to a crawl, and also that is one thing NordVPN will never ever do.

It is so rapid that the doesn’t even seem prefer there is a VPN installed on mine phone!

One subscription protects up to six devices, so girlfriend can safeguard your whole family’s phones at Disney world for one low fee.

NordVPN prices less 보다 the price of a single latte per month once you purchase a two-year subscription, which ns recommend doing.

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My approach is that if you have the right to afford come travel, you have the right to afford to safeguard your online information with a VPN.