Usually, we perform not use the definite article, the, prior to names that countries but we usage the prior to "United states of America".

Is over there a specific reason for making use of the write-up before the country "United states of America"?



The is provided in front of nations that have:

plural names:the Netherlands

a basic geo-political noun that place, e.g. Republic, emirate, kingdom, state:the joined Arab Emirates, the united Kingdom.

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On a associated note, check out this post on the capitalization of posts in names:

You only capitalize The once it is the very first word in a title of book or a play. . . . In contrast, the word the is not generally capitalized in former of proper nouns that aren’t titles, prefer . . . The United claims of America. . . .



Most nation names are only a single word, or can include a geographical description (eg phibìc Korea, southern Korea).

The United claims of America is plural. It way The claims of America which space united. Girlfriend cannot use States there is no The.

Other instances are:

The uk The united Arab Emirates The Netherlands (literally the low Lands, likewise known as Holland)

Groups that islands additionally take The:

The Phillippines The Azores


Using "the" because that a nation name is a bit unpredictable.

As a guideline, nation names that define a physical geographic function use "the". A group of islands, a river, or a mountain rage. Because that comparison, think of various other geographical attributes such together the Sahara or the Amazon. Country names that describe a politics features likewise use "the". This is normally a republic, or a political union - The united kingdom or The United claims of America.

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The unpredictability come when geographic or political attributes are uncertain or forgotten. Lebanon is named after a mountain range, Sudan ~ a desert, Gambia ~ a river, and Ukraine = "borderland", but none that those typically use a definite article.

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Why go "President that the united States" have a "the" prior to "U.S", however "President that Russia" doesn't?
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