At work, ns commonly kind "voicemail box" and "voice mailbox" interchangeably for this reason I"m wrong only half the time. Which one is correct?

I had actually a comparable dilemma with "login to" and "log into", however this site has satisfied my curiosity by arguing "log in to". I"m begrudgingly prepared to develop my very own portmanteaus "loginto" and also "voicemailbox".

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There space three varieties of compound nouns.

open or spaced - room between native (tennis shoe)

hyphenated - hyphen in between words (six-pack)

closed or hard - no room or hyphen between words (bedroom)

Even though Wikipedia post voice mail as a closed link noun (still voice letter system is an open up compound noun there) and you get an ext google hits for voicemail (18.1 million) than voice mail (9.9 million), this Ngram Viewer favors voice mail over voicemail. Also, one more Ngram Viewer records more of voice mailbox or voice mail box 보다 voicemail box.

As the two Ngram Viewers show, civilization started to usage the words around year 1980 and as commented above, it is daunting to say which is correct. But, voice mailbox is the one which is favored.

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"voicemail mailbox" could be the most correct, but I assume no one will start using it any kind of time soon.

I favor "voicemailbox"; hope that"s whereby we"ll finish up in 10 years.

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answered Dec 8 "15 at 10:42

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