to advancement or travel on foot in ~ a moderate speed or pace; proceed by steps; move by progressing the feet alternately so that there is always one foot on the ground in bipedal locomotion and also two or more feet top top the soil in quadrupedal locomotion.

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(of things) to relocate in a way suggestive of walking, as through repeated vibrations or the impact of alternating expansion and also contraction: that typed so difficult that the desk lamp walked ideal off the desk.
Slang. to walk on strike; stage a walkout: The miners will certainly walk uneven they gain a pay raise. To be acquitted or come be released or fined quite than sentenced to jail: If the prosecutor doesn't current his instance well, the murderer may walk.
to go about on the earth, or appear to living persons, together a ghost: to think that soul walk at night.
(of a tool, pointer, or pen the a record device, etc.) to glide, slip, or relocate from a directly course, resolved position, or the like: A consistent drill little bit may to walk on a plastic surface when you very first try to make a hole. As soon as the earthquake started, the pen ~ above the seismograph walked all over the paper.
to conduct oneself in a certain manner; pursue a certain course the life: to walk humbly with thy God.
to proceed through, over, or upon at a moderate pace on foot: wade London roadways by night; go the floor all night.
to reason to walk; lead, drive, or ride in ~ a walk, together an animal: we walked our equines the last 4 minutes 1 of a mile.
to force or help to walk, as a person: They to be walking him approximately the room shortly after his operation.
to spend or pass (time) in wade (often complied with by away): us walked the morning away follow me the beach.
to examine, measure, etc., by traversing top top foot: come walk a track; come walk the boundaries of the property.
Informal. To send (a human who has actually a preventive at a hotel) to another hotel because of overbooking: It's exasperating to find yourself walked when you arrive at a hotel so late in the evening.
a street walked or to be walked, often in regards to the time required: not more than ten minutes' walk native town.
a department or branch the activity, or a details line that work: They discovered every walk of life closed versus them.
British. the path of a street vendor, tradesman, or the like. The ar or area in which together a course is located. A street of forest land under the charge of one forester or keeper.
walk turn off with, to remove illegally; steal. To victory or attain, together in a competition: to walk off through the an initial prize because that flower arrangements. Come surpass one's competitors; victory easily: come walk off v the fight.
walk through, Theater, Television. to release (a play) by combining a reading aloud the the lines with the designated physical movements.Informal. To perform (a role, play, etc.) in a perfunctory manner. To make little or no effort in performing one's role: he didn't choose the script and also walked through his part.
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take a walk, Informal. Come leave, especially abruptly and also without any kind of intention or prospect of return (often offered imperatively to suggest dismissal): If that doesn't obtain his way, he takes a walk. I don't require your advice, so take it a walk.
walk (someone) through, to overview or instruct very closely one action at a time: The teacher will certainly walk the class through the entire testing procedure before the genuine test begins.
walk Spanish, to be required by another to to walk on tiptoe. Come walk cautiously. To it is in discharged or dismissed. To discharge or i have dissolved (someone).
First recorded prior to 1000; (verb) middle English walken, Old English wealcan “to roll, toss,” gewealcan “to go”; cognate with Dutch, German walken “to complete (cloth),” Old norse vālka “to toss”; (noun) center English, derivative of the verb
Waley, Walfish Bay, Walhalla, wali, waling, walk, walkable, walkabout, walk all over, walkaround pay, walkathon

Walk is a verb that method to relocate at a center pace with the feet. A walk is a period of time spent walking. Walk can likewise mean to help someone walk or to cause something come walk. Walk has plenty of other senses as a noun and also verb. Walk is also used in number of idioms.

When friend walk, you was standing upright and put one foot in prior of the various other at a typical pace. Normally, once most world want to relocate from location to place, they walk. We likewise use walk to explain the movement of pets with an ext than two legs that alternate feet together they move. For example, you could say the your cat walked across a street.

Real-life examples: that is a significant life stage as soon as toddlers learn exactly how to walk. You might walk come the save to purchase food. Urban are full of world walking top top the sidewalks.Used in a sentence: My foot harms so badly the I can barely walk.

Related to this sense, a walk is a period of walking done for practice or entertainment.

Used in a sentence: I obtained so angry that I had actually to take a walk to cool down.

Walk can also mean to cause something (usually an animal) come walk. Once referring to people, walk method to assist someone walk or to join them ~ above a walk.

Used in a sentence: Tamica walked she elderly neighbor throughout the liven intersection.

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Walk is likewise used in numerous idioms. If someone is claimed to walk the walk, for example, it way that castle do exactly what they say they do. This idiom is often used along with the phrase talk the talk to refer to someone making grand statements and also either prospering or failing to live as much as them.

Used in a sentence: Nathan claims he can lift 600 pounds. He can talk the talk, but can he walk the walk?