Main distinction – Preposition vs Conjunction

Prepositions and also conjunctions are two far-reaching elements in grammar. Prepositions and also conjunctions deserve to be confusing come a student due to the fact that both that them room connecting words. The key difference in between preposition and also conjunction is that conjunctions connect two rule or sentences while prepositions connect nouns or pronouns to one more word. In this article, we’ll discuss the difference in between Preposition and Conjunction in much more detail.

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What is a Preposition

Prepositions room connecting words. Castle can connect noun facets like nouns, pronoun to other parts of a sentence. Thus, they present the relation in between a noun or pronoun to another word in the sentence. Some examples of prepositions include in, at, of, over, by, on and also at. Look in ~ the following sentences very closely to know the duty of prepositions.


My sisters is angry v me.

(Me is brought into the sentence through the usage of preposition with.)

We were shocked by your actions.

The cat is sleeping under the table.

Do you desire to walk to school?

I agreed to his conditions.

We nothing agree through your parents.

What is a Conjunction

Conjunction is a word the connects rule or sentences. There space two species of conjunctions: coordinating conjunctions and subordinating conjunctions. Coordinating conjunctions connect two independent rule while object conjunctions connect a dependent i to an live independence clause.


Coordinating Conjunction

English language has only 7 coordinating conjunctions. They are For, And, Nor, But, Or, Yet and also So. This words combine two elevation clauses with each other to make a compound sentence.

I cried, therefore they bought me ice-cream.

I want to travel, but I don’t have time.

She sang and he play the drum.

Subordinating Conjunction

Subordinating conjunctions connect a dependent clause to an live independence clause. They have actually two main attributes – to provide a smooth shift between concepts to show a partnership with time, place, cause, result, etc. And also to indicate the extent of importance so the the reader deserve to understand what is the most necessary clause in the sentence.

He fight me due to the fact that I no obey him.

As ns told friend earlier, i don’t understand French.

Since you room all here, why don’t we start the meeting?

Although prepositions and also conjunctions have various functions, part words can act together both conjunctions and prepositions. Friend can differentiate the role of the word by looking at the definition and context of the pertinent sentence. Observe exactly how the very same word attributes as both a preposition and conjunction in the adhering to sentences.

Example 1:

I’ve been wait for you.

I checked out bed early for I had a tired day.

Example 2:

He has actually been living in Paris because last summer.

Let’s speak honestly since we all understand the true story.


Difference between Preposition and also Conjunction


Preposition: Preposition connects noun or pronoun to one more word.

Conjunction: connect connects two clauses or phrases.


Preposition: in, at, of, over, by, on, with, at, behind, over, for, etc. Are some examples.

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Conjunction: and, but, since, for, or, because, though, whenever, etc. Are some examples.