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"In Color" is a song co-written and recorded by American country music artist Jamey Johnson. That is the first single native his 2nd album, the Lonesome Song, which was originally released come digital retailers in 2007, and was exit on august 5, 2008, on Mercury Nashville Records. Johnson co-wrote the song with James Otto and also Lee cutting board Miller. In January 2009, "In Color" became Johnson"s an initial Top Ten nation hit. The track won awards for tune of the Year in both the 2009 ACM Awards and the 2009 CMA Awards. An ext »

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I said grandpa what"s this picture hereIt"s all black and also whiteIt ain"t actual clear is that you there?He stated yeah, i was elevenTimes were tough earlier in "35That"s me and also uncle Joe simply tryin" come surviveA noodle farm, in a good depressionIf it looks like we were scared come deathLike a pair of youngsters just make the efforts to save each otherYou should"ve watched it in colorOh and also this one below was taken over seasIn the middle of hell in 1943In the winter time, friend can practically see mine breathThat was my tail gunner ole Johnny MageeHe was a high college teacher from new OrleansAnd he had my earlier right through the day we leftIf it looks like we were scared come deathLike a pair of kids just make the efforts to conserve each otherYou should"ve checked out it in colorA pictures worth a thousands wordsBut friend can"t see what those shades the gray keep coveredYou should"ve watched it in colorThis one is my favorite oneThis is me and also grandma in the summer sunAll dressed increase the work we stated our vowsYou can"t tell the here however it was hot that JuneAnd that increased was red and also her eye were blueAnd simply look in ~ that laugh I was so proudThat"s the story of my life best there in black and also whiteAnd if it looks prefer we were scared to deathLike a couple of children just trying to save each otherYou should"ve checked out it in colorA photos worth a thousand wordsBut girlfriend can"t check out what those shades of gray save coveredYou should have seen it in colorYou should have actually seen it in colorYeah a images worth a thousands wordsBut girlfriend can"t watch what those shades of gray store coveredYou should have actually seen it in color

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Jamey Johnson Jamey Johnson (born July 14, 1975) is an American country music artist. Signed come BNA records in 2005, Johnson made his debut through his single "The Dollar," the title track to his 2006 album The Dollar. Johnson was dropped from BNA in 2006 and also signed come Mercury Nashville documents in march 2008, release his 2nd album, the gold-certified that Lonesome Song. This album created two singles, the optimal 10 hit "In Color" and also "High expense of Living." Johnson has since released two an ext albums, The Guitar track in 2010 and Living for a Song: A Tribute to Hank Cochran in 2012. In addition to many of his very own material, Johnson has co-written singles for trace Adkins, George Strait, James Otto, Joe Nichols and Jessie James. Much more »

Written by: Jamey Johnson, Lee thomas Miller, James Otto