how I Met your Mother: 8 personalities Who Left The present Too Soon how I Met your Mother, certification Josh Radnor together Ted Mosby, is full of an additional characters that were just on the show for a short duration of time.

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Thankfully, the main actors of How i Met your Mother stuck with each other until the finish of the series. Ted told the story of exactly how he met the mother to its completion and all that the gibbs were along for the ride throughout the sitcom"s ripe seasons. Although they weren"t featured as heavily, the second characters additionally played a big part in the show"s success, and also often stuck roughly from begin to finish.

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Characters such as Carl the Bartender and also Wendy the Waitress ongoing to pop in and out that the series and also into flashforwards, but others only had a quick arc prior to leaving the present for good. They were missed by fans and also could"ve been better utilized if How ns Met her Mother had given them a much longer run.

How ns Met your Mother
Brittney Spears is among the best cameos in How ns Met her Mother and she appeared in the third season of the show. Her character, Abby, who was Stella"s receptionist, is much an ext interesting 보다 Ted"s ex-fiance. Sadly, she was only in three episodes, among which didn"t display her face. Abby was full of great one-liners, and she to be at the facility of among the show"s continuous mysteries.

As the mrs responsible for damaging Barney"s reputation, she showed how qualified she to be of leading to havoc. Every sitcoms need a small chaos come thrive, and it would"ve been an ext satisfying to view just exactly how long she engagement to Barney could drag out. However Barney discovered a method to let her down easy by the end of the episode, wasting what could"ve to be a good storyline.

Nora showed up in a full of ten episodes, most of which were in the 6th and seventh seasons, and also caught Barney off guard. The bulk of the audience wanted Barney to get ago together v Robin, for this reason it came as a surprise that Nora to be such a good fit for him. She wasn"t like most of the various other women Barney dated, but it"s what made she so refreshing.

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Many of Barney"s relationships were based upon shared fears and toxic traits. Nora make Barney want to work out down and live a life that had always run from. They probably would"ve had actually the best chance out of many of the couples, and also Nora was even willing to pardon Barney for his lies. In terms of comedy, Nora wasn"t the funniest, but she still had plenty come offer. Because she was a co-worker of Robin"s, her disappearing off the confront of the planet after she breakup through Barney seemed unrealistic.

Marvin Eriksen Sr. Talking on the phone
The mother"s death is the only moment that can compete for the most heartbreaking moment in the show. However, while pan didn"t view the direct aftermath of Tracy"s passing, Marshall damaged down when Lily delivered the news around his father. Marvin remained in a complete of twelve episodes of the series, but those featured after How i Met your Mother Season 6 to be flashbacks.

Marvin wasn"t who fans had a personal connection with, however he was crucial to viewers since he was important to Marshall. While Marvin never got to meet his grandson, Lily and Marshall specify name their infant after him to be a beautiful method to honor his memory. There"s no doubt that Marvin being an overbearing grand would"ve to be a funny plot come explore.

5 Quinn Garvey

Quinn to be worth a lot an ext than her relationship with Barney, although she probably should have finished up v him at the finish of How ns Met her Mother. She appeared in ten illustration in the seventh and eighth seasons, but she could"ve easily been included into more. Quinn fit right in through the gang, and she"s one of the many memorable guest stars.

She"s among the couple of people who have ever regulated to provide Barney a taste the his own medicine, which currently gives her an edge over most of the other personalities in the show. It"s understandable the Quinn wasn"t greatly featured after your breakup, yet it doesn"t sit appropriate that such an entertain character acquired kicked come the curb. It"s hard to continue to be friends through an ex, but that didn"t deter Robin, Ted, and Barney.

Don appeared in a total of 6 episodes during the show"s 5th season and also it"s surprising just how likable he was. Don was one of Robin"s best love interests in How ns Met your Mother, also though it take it a long time for Robin to warm up to her co-anchor.

If Don hadn"t taken the news anchor job and also been written off, it could"ve adjusted the trajectory the the show. That was among the couple of people Robin might see a future with, but Don"s decision ruined everything the 2 of them had built. If Robin and also Don had ended up together, Ted and also Barney would both have different endings.

3 Brad Morris

Brad was only in seven illustration which to be scattered transparent the series. He make a lasting impression because of the way he and also Marshall played off of each other. Their friendship had its ups and also downs, and there was a allude when they both thought the other was in love v them.

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Brad right any and every duty perfectly. He to be Marshall"s law school friend, his brunch buddy, his nemesis, and his competitor. Since Brad was such a pliable character, he might have been written into any of the episodes and also have that still make sense. How ns Met her Mother made a vast mistake by not making use of him properly.

Zoey"s romance v Ted correlated with her time top top the show, and also she to be featured in a complete of 13 episodes. Your storyline took place during How i Met Your mommy Season 5, yet she did make a cameo in the last season. It could be suggested that Zoey was Ted"s best love interest in the series, but, sadly, she didn"t stick around long after your breakup.

Not just was she play by Once top top a Time actress, Jennifer Morrison, however her personality was one of the many interesting. Ted and Zoey"s dynamic was unlike anything viewers had seen, and she obtained along well through the gang. A friendship was impossible after Zoey betrayed Ted and virtually ruined his career, but she would"ve been funny to keep about as one enemy.

1 Daphne

Technically, Daphne should have joined the display earlier. She was a hilarious addition to How ns Met your Mother Season 9 and also Marshall"s cross-country road trip companion. It"s tough to think she was only featured in nine episodes, together her feeling made together a large impact top top the ton of the sitcom.

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Daphne and also Marshall"s budding friendship was a highlight of the last season, which makes it an overwhelming not to wonder exactly how she"d get along with the remainder of the gang. She and also Lily spoke briefly end the phone, however it"s disappointing the Marshall had come drop her off prior to heading to Farhampton. Daphne should have gone come the wedding after she daughter"s presentation therefore she and Marshall could hash it the end over the environment.

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