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Hey guys,What liquid can ns use instead of JD jow viscosity oil in my JD hydros? ns am reasoning of transforming the hydro oil in mine JD fleet and also am particular a instead of oil can be uncovered at an auto parts store for a lot much less than what Deere dealers market their product for.Thank girlfriend in advance!:greendr:


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Another member uncovered that NAPA marketed a liquid that meets the Hygard High viscosity specification. I simply haven"t had actually the time to pull the specs for low visc and also ask my NAPA store.JD states I deserve to use form F ATF in my 318, yet I do not know that that is a global replacement for low Viscosity across all models.
You can likewise just use regular 10W engine oil. Thats what low viscosity hygard is. It is what my neighborhood Deere dealer called me. Deere Review&parentnum=153853&filter=Hettric
Guy"s,I supplied the form F fluid in my 420 till I began to have actually issues(>400hrs), then stormy jerky engagement, worse under fill ie uphill. When I changed filter and fluid v the JD product symptoms improved some and also after time have actually now near totally resolved. So i hope to hear that a product the is cheaper and works however I do not to trust the form F. Now for several years i would have actually said, "used it it works great..........then issues". Expect to discover moreYamadoo
You can likewise just use continuous 10W engine oil. It is what short viscosity hygard is. It is what my regional Deere dealer called me.
Don"t also think around doing that. 10W engine oil may have the same viscosity as Low Viscosity HyGard, however it go not have the same chemical makeup, nor the exact same characteristics.I looked right into a replacement because that HyGard several years ago. Nobody roughly my parts carried anything, therefore I simply stayed with the JD stuff. The works, and also does a wonderful job. I"m all for conserving money, yet certainly no if there"s any risk involved.Have you gone to the Deere components site and also downloaded the MSDS sheet because that HyGard? that should show the manufacturer and the ASTM specs. From that, it have to be simple to discover a cross.
Just curious why human being think Hygard is priced also high, appears to me that is rather reasonable once you to compare it come stuff choose Mobil 1 engine oil. I bought 16 litres that it in ~ 4 something a litre and also I paid just abt abt 42 bux + txs etc for 4.4 liters that Mobil 1 for my truck and also I require 7 liters for it every 2 months. And also how long does it take it to placed 200 hrs ~ above a Deere to have actually it require a transaxle oil change. We have 39.1 hrs on our 2320 because last sept.
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Sorry , yet I disagree with the usage of replace instead instead or generics , us pay outto much for our Tractors to use these inferior assets IMO , if and when youhave a problem and also you have actually a Walmart or Walgreens filter on over there , exactly how will you explain that to the Dealer ???Later,x595
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Just curious why people think Hygard is priced too high, appears to me that is fairly reasonable when you compare it come stuff like Mobil 1 engine oil. I bought 16 litres the it in ~ 4 other a litre and also I paid simply abt abt 42 bux + txs etc for 4.4 liters that Mobil 1 because that my truck and also I need 7 liters because that it every 2 months. And also how long does it take to placed 200 hrs on a Deere to have it need a transaxle oil change. We have actually 39.1 hrs on ours 2320 because last sept.

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I bought a 5 gallon bucket the Hygard no long back at my regional JD dealer, it was $87.00. Once I go to mine hometown the same product there is 43.00 at the JD dealer.I would think CAT and Komatsu and Case use a quality hydraulic liquid too, ns wonder just how it compares with Hygard?I feel particular that Deere doesn"t make Hygard. One of the petro companies more than likely does and also probably supplies the same product under a various name v the very same specs.Also, ns am normally working when the JD dealer is open, i can"t always take turn off from work and drive throughout town hauling every one of my equipment and 3-4 men with me that space on the clock. If i can find the same product at advancement or NAPA I deserve to probably protect against by top top the weekend come buy it without burning 30 dollars in labor and also losing $$$ from pulling my gear and guys turn off site. Exactly how long walk it take to put 200 hrs on a machine? for me that takes around 6-7 weeks. I total about 1300-1400 because that the year cumalitive on mine machines.Someone stated the type F infectious diseases worldwide fluid, that is what Deere used to placed in 420s ago in the day, or at least that is what mine hometown dealer said me. One of my 420s still has actually it as you can see the red fluid in the sight tube. Ns bought that maker with 743 hrs on it, now it has actually 1300 plus and I have actually never changed it, or any type of of the various other 420"s and 455s that i own.