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Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty ImagesOlivia Newton-John and John Travolta to visit the Academy presents "Grease" (1978) 40th Anniversary in ~ the Samuel Goldwyn theatre on august 15, 2018 in Beverly Hills, California.

Olivia Newton-John and also John Travolta were the lead characters in the 1978 musicalGrease.

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The leading couple never date in genuine life, though. They have actually been friends since they met top top set.

Greasedepicts the story of two unlikely lover in Sandy and also Danny. The story takes place in the 1950s and also the movie made an ext than $394 million global and is still one of the highest-grossing live-action musicals of all time.

Stars the the movie have gone ~ above to have actually successful careers in the music, TV and film industry, and the soundtrack has sold over 10 million copies worldwide.

Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta never Dated

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first time in costume since we make the movie ! for this reason excited!!

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Newton-John and Travolta are absolutely not the lover that they depicted over 40 years earlier inGrease.In a 2018 interview, Newton-John opened up up around their relationship, which she stated was an ext “sisterly” than anything else.

“We to be both v other people when us were filming and also I think, respectfully, it just didn’t happen,” she said on theNo Filterpodcast.

“I think it to be good, since I think it maintained the tension there and also the chemistry. It could have been a actual disaster had we determined to day or we had a falling out or something,” she continued. “So ns think it was just too that the didn’t happen. Yet we’re still an excellent friends.”

Travolta Reportedly had actually a to like on Newton-John when Filming

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After the movie to be released, Didi Conn, that played Frenchie, revealed the it was possible that Travolta had actually a like on the top lady during filming.

“Oh yeah, . What to be so lot fun to be that many of united state were older than the personalities we to be playing, for this reason we simply stayed in character all day long,” she said. “So there to be an recurring improvisation happening so the flirting… was fine. It was the context of the characters and the storyline.”

Both celebrities room happily married now. Olivia Newton-John is married to john Easterling, and John Travolta is married to Kelly Preston.

Weeks prior to filmingGrease, Travolta lost his girlfriend to cancer. He was dating the actress who played his mom in the film The young In the Plastic Bubble, Diana Hyland, and she passed away just a couple of weeks before production top top the music began.

Travolta has actually Supported Newton-John v Her battle With breast Cancer

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Olivia Newton-John has actually been battling chest cancer, and also though she said she’s doing well in 2019, she has actually not offered many update on her life yet. She has actually said, however, the she’s act well.

HerGreaseco-star has been there for her and also checked increase on her throughout her difficult times.

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“He’s been wonderful. That calls and checks up on me,” she as soon as said. “He concerned one of my reflects — right before this happened, actually, right prior to my diagnosis. I saw him and I was hobbling about the dinner table because I was having actually trouble sit down. And he to be concerned.”

For his next of the story, Travolta claimed that Newton-John is one “incredible human being.

“She’s constantly been one incredible person being and motivation to millions,” the said. “I understand her so well. If we put all our intentions for her to get through this, she will feel it and also it will assistance her. Us love her and she loves us.”