Investigation Discovery’s ‘The Clown and also The Candyman’ explores the cases of john Wayne Gacy and another serial killer, Dean Corll. The investigates even if it is they were connected to a national sex smuggling ring. True crime buffs understand all as well well that john Wayne Gacy was a notorious serial killer from the 1970s who sexually assaulted and also killed an ext than 30 young guys in a six-year span between 1972 and 1978.

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“The Killer Clown,” as he was called, was energetic in chef County, Illinois. He was recognized to coax victims to his house, after i m sorry he would rape and also then death them. But John also led a normal, everyday life before the killings at some point started. He to be married twice and also had kids of his own. Curious come know more about that his wives were? Here’s everything we know!

Who Were man Wayne Gacy’s Ex-Wives?

John had moved come Springfield, Illinois, in 1964 to job-related as a manager for a shoe agency at a keep over there. He was 22 years old when he met his very first wife, Marlynn Myers, who additionally worked at the same store. Lock married within the year and also moved into her rich parents’ home. The parents themselves had actually moved to Waterloo, Iowa, since Marlynn’s father had got a few Kentucky Fried Chicken stores over there. Later on, it was reported the John had actually his very first homosexual experience roughly around the moment he married.

John didn’t serve the totality of his 10-year sentence since he to be paroled 18 months into it. He easily moved back home to Chicago, whereby he eventually started a organization of his own called PDM i m sorry stood because that Painting, Decorating, and also Maintenance. In June 1972, john married Carole Hoff, who he had actually known due to the fact that they to be younger. She to be a friend of John’s sister and had even gone the end on a date with him once she to be sixteen. The divorcee and also a mother of 2 daughters moved in v John and also his mom after part financial troubles. It was the same home where John had actually killed his first victim in January 1972 and also buried him in the to crawl space.

John, in fact, had told Carole the he was bisexual as well. Carole had stated that once, she uncovered wallets the young guys in his car, and when she faced him around it, he had been really angry. She had additionally complained that a foul odor from the attic throughout 1972, however John accounted it to a leaky drain pipe. In the direction of the finish of their marriage, Carole had additionally said that man “started bringing home a lot of of photos of nude men.” They at some point divorced about three and a half years later, in 1976.

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Where room John Wayne Gacy’s Ex-Wives Now?

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Marlynn declared in one interview indigenous 1979 the she had actually remarried after divorcing John and that she had actually not viewed him for a lengthy time. She stated that she was shocked once she learned what John had actually done and that she never really felt scared of him or walk she think he liked men throughout their marriage. Both Marlynn and also Carole have shied away from public fist otherwise, offered the notoriety of man Wayne Gacy and also his actions. Not lot else is known around them or their present whereabouts.