Obvisly ppl space lying cuz choose they space all providing differnt frigin numbers lol and ya favor they said provide him a small privacy prefer why carry out you ppl also care about his call number btw a real fan wouldnt care about it..

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Justin Bieber
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Well sence i recognize he will more than likely be an altering his number anyways within the following week i will certainly tell friend what his number is... Probably you will have the ability to catch the befor he transforms it.. (860)389-8090
i desire to have actually a genuine relationship v him maybe it will assist me. I had problems and also i save on cheating top top guys. Ns dont want that no more. I need to be a much better person then i as soon as was.
obviously your not a real fan due to the fact that I am an infinity and also beyond true belieber and I care about his phone number due to the fact that we all want to speak to HIM!!!!!!!!!!!! not be stupid.
i have actually no idea what the is yet if i brand-new i would certainly be talk to him at this veary minute lol ns would offer you his number but i would certainly think maybe not or would certainly he be mad that someone he brand-new would just provide his number away favor that but an excellent questin yet i would let you have his number in a love beat if he would let me hahahhahhahaha lol
only like details ppl knw. Sorry. But he wants to store it exclusive so that fans dont save calling him 24/7
these space all justin biebers phone number I have actually tried them they really work! (212) 333-8000 (212) 277-9000 (616) 795-0025
Yeah guys only Justins personal frineds like me and his family know his number.. Sorry i would give it however I cant and also Justin states hello come u all.. And also he says you space the finest xD
hay ns prity shour girlfriend aint gained it hen so dont lie wat a hate around people like you ya every lie gets me therefore up chop aagghh n if u acquired it why not somebody eles n how did u gain it!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
yea if u do understand justin tell him i said hi and also i love him so much and keep do the efforts cuz civilization hate top top him and let him understand that im still a belieber
yes thats ideal lol um ur no his an individual friend and also u don't got it ur just one more fan girl lol the one who has it is me i'm Austin Mahone's cousin and also i fulfill justin a couple of times and everything i like his family and also his girlfriend okay and he wont provide them out however if you have actually fbs and you want me to ask him if ns can offer some pan it i will certainly if you just become a fan and also you simply tell me ur fb name and i'll find you lol and i don't lie about this okay i have actually everyone however thanks love y'all :*
I don"t understand Justin Biebers # But I know my # I"m Lea Michele (If girlfriend don"t understand who ns am look the up)My # is: 1(408)684-1029
i not think everyone will ever get his # ao just forget around it.hence his no the only one in the world
im a fan of justin bieber cause hes all ns need likewise he has actually nothing bad on him also he has actually a good smile hes sexy and also hes means the hole human being to me and also hes component of my feet life

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these room all justin biebers phone numbers I have tried lock they yes, really work! (212) 333-8000 (212) 277-9000 (616) 795-0025
These ppl are totally lying BC lock give different numbers and ik that part ppl room so obsessed with JB and also I acquire it and also and if you space I sorry but its true if you were a fan you wouldn"t care BC over there are other boys because that you not simply JB. And also if girlfriend do obtain his number don"t it is in calling him 24/7 BC that would really stroked nerves him alot and also he won"t call you ago So mine answer is: that it doesn"t matter at all