If you have a Kenmore elite HE3 washer and you are acquiring error codes, this page will aid you to diagnose the problem. The most usual error codes for this Kenmore washer is fault code F02, F11, F dl, F06, SUD, etc. We will show you listed below what this error codes mean and also the options to resolve them yourself.

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Error password F02 – This way that the washer has actually a drainpipe issue. To settle this error password it is recommended to check the drainpipe hose for kinks, and check the drainpipe pump because that anything that may be clogging it. Check to be sure the pump filter is no jammed or clogged. Inspect drain pump electrical connections. Replace drainpipe pump if all else fails.

Error password F11 – means that the an equipment has a communication issue. Most most likely the washer has vibrated enough to vibrate wires loose. You will have to remove the optimal of the washer and inspect the wiring harnesses that go to and from the regulate board. Among the wires will probably be loosened therefore resulting in this error code. Make certain all wire relationships are secure.

Error code F dl – This error code method that the washer door has actually a locking issue. Her washer will attempt come unlock the door 6 times before it screens the error. This error suggests a difficulty with the door lock mechanism and or door lock switch assembly. This error could also mean over there is no communication between the control board and also door lock. This might indicate a loose wire between the door lock assembly and also the regulate board.

Error password F06 – suggests a problem with the drive motor. The control panel is not able come detect the motors speed and also therefore the an equipment will close up door down. When the washer is in a turn mode and this error occurs, the washer door will be locked for 3 minutes. Examine wire harnesses on drive motor, motor control unit, and also control board.

Error code SUD – This indicates that the washer has actually either the wrong laundry detergent or an overload that detergent. SUD way excessive soap suds have been detected. To resolve this worry run the washer on a to wash cycle and then ~ above a typical wash cycle and DO NOT add any laundry detergent or clothing. This procedure will certainly reset the washer and remove the overabundance detergent. If this go not resolve the issue, check the drainpipe hose because that kinks or bends. Examine the drainpipe pump filter. If the over does not solve the issue, examine the drainpipe pump for clogs.

Kenmore HE3 Front-Load Washer Disassembly – Washing an equipment Repair HelpThis video will aid you if you have to take your washer apart

Kenmore upstream washer owners manuals and troubleshooting travel guide are available here – Kenmore Washer Manuals 1Kenmore Washer hands-on 2. This pages perform all different model numbers of Kenmore upstream washers. Make sure to compose down which model number girlfriend have before checking for your owners manual. Girlfriend can form your design number right into the find box after the words “Kenmore upstream washer” ~ above the manual search page.

Kenmore Washer HE3 no Draining – how to resolve F2 error on Kenmore Washer

Here space error password for Amana, Asko, Beko, Bosch, Daewoo, Frigidaire, GE,Haier, Hotpoint, Kenmore, LG, Maytag, Samsung, and also Whirlpool washers.Here space Washing device Error codes For all Washing Machines.

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Do you have other suggestions for repairing and troubleshooting a Kenmore elite washing machine? Please leaving a comment listed below to assist our various other readers.