Squashing their beef? Keri Hilson has to be feuding with Beyoncé (and Ciara) for over a decade, yet what in reality happened between them? Keep reading to view a timeline of your rocky relationship. 

Keri an initial found extensive fame v her 2009 anthem “Knock friend Down” through Kanye West. She climate released her 2010 jam “Pretty Girl Rock” adhered to by her T.I.

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collab “Got your Back.” However, the songstress climate went MIA amid finding success. Some fans credit the singer publicly shading Beyoncé for ruining her budding career, but that’s up for debate.

2009 — The Shade begins With a Song

Fans an initial thought Keri had actually a difficulty with Beyoncé as soon as she did a remix come her solitary “Turnin’ Me On” in which she says: “Your vision cloudy if friend think the you da best, You deserve to dance, she deserve to sing, yet need to relocate it to the left … She have to go have some babies, she should sit down, she fake, them other chicks ain’t also worth talkin’ bout.”

People assumed the qualities Keri pointed out in she song seemed to be around the “Hold Up” singer, and also the line about moving that “to the left” appeared to be a nod at Bey’s “Irreplaceable.”


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The song additionally seemingly contained some shady lyrics about Ciara, who Keri wrote several songs for through the years. “Go head tell these folks exactly how long ns been creating your songs, ns been placing you on. Inspect the credits hoe!” Keri sings.

Keri later said the tune was “not about” Ciara or Beyoncé during an interview in 2009. “I’m no jealous the anybody’s career,” she stated at the time. “We are all like the very same thing. Keyshia’s on mine album. I’ve operated with Ciara many times. I’m a pan of Beyoncé’s.”

Then that was the tune about? “It’s everyone that ever tried to take it me down and also didn’t want to check out me succeed,” she explained. “I’m not gonna speak to their names since I feeling I’ve addressed it.”

2011 — Keri Seemingly move the Feud come the Red Carpet

On the red carpet of the soul Train Awards in 2011, Juicy Magazine asked Keri to organize the latest issue and also give castle a shout-out. She seemed down because that it, however then take it a glance in ~ the cover, which was photograph of Beyoncé and also husband Jay-Z, and also asked, “Who’s that?”

“No, i’m sorry, i can’t execute that,” Keri said and also dismissed the reporter’s request.

2013 — Keri Begs for the BeyHive to leaving Her Alone

“It’s too much!! Please! Is every little thing I tweet gonna be ‘intentionally misinterpreted’ as a statement around someone/drama I know nothing about?” she pleaded via Twitter in 2013.

“You have no idea what her hateful words can do to someone’s spirit. Years of linguistic abuse indigenous strangers every day long,” Keri continued. “Enough is enough! I’m right here for mine FANS! I’m stronger than friend imagine, but waking up/going to bed to her ugliness is just TOO MUCH, kids. I acquire it, OK? You have the right to stop now. As much as every little thing you’re yes, really mad about, I had my reasons. It’s to be years! simply chalk it approximately your ignorance of mine reality and also LET … the … GO. Together for mine mistakes, God has dealt with me.” part followers construed this together Keri admitting her shade towards the former Destiny’s boy singer destroyed her career.

In an effort to end the feud and also put her ago in the an excellent graces that the public, Keri walk an interview with HipHollywood.

“No, ns don’t have actually a beef with any type of female artist. I think that just interesting that us live in together a gullible world,” Keri stated at the time. “Anything it is written, anything the is posted, and also a photo that is understood one way, is truth. The like scriptures now. You deserve to Photoshop something, put it out and everyone believes it.”

2018 — Keri says She’s all set for her Comeback

Keri had been teasing a new album because 2016, i beg your pardon is dubbed L.I.A.R. or Love Is A Religion.

“I think I had to provide up music because that a while. Ns stepped away. I assumed it would simply be a year. It’s been six, maybe,” she claimed in January 2018. “I realize currently that I’m grateful for all of those years. I have developed myself ago up. It is kind of a comeback, because I’ve hit rock bottom a few times and I’m crawling earlier to wade in mine purpose.” She has actually still no released an album because 2010’s No guys Allowed.

2021 — Keri claims Her Feud v Beyoncé Is Over

Keri revealed her decade-long feud with Beyoncé to be water under the bridge after the two had a heart-to-heart conversation throughout an Instagram Live through radio organize Persia Nicole ~ above April 11.

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“I feel prefer she understood what happened, what had actually transpired and also there to be a bit of healing in that minute when we met. Ns take her together a very intuitive type of soul, together am I,” Keri explained.

The “Energy” singer even said she would be open to collaborating. “Yeah, it would certainly be a very fun endure to carry out that if she were open,” Keri added. “I execute feel choose she interpreted what that was all about. She’s amazing. I’ve constantly felt the way. It is the fact of the matter, yet no one will think that.”