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accomplish two various things at the very same timesolve two problems with one solitary actionachieve two things with a single actionachieve two ends v a solitary effort

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I have to go come the bank, and also on the means back, I’ll choose up the groceries as well, killing 2 birds with one stone.He had actually gone to London on a organization trip, while there, he killed two birds v one stone and also visited his relatives as well.Cycling to job-related kills 2 birds v one stone. It conserves money and gives you part exercise.I check out the newspaper when sipping mine morning cup that tea, killing two birds through one stone.When i went because that the interview, I captured up v a few old colleagues who currently work there, killing two birds with one stone.He dropped his youngsters to institution while going to work, killing 2 birds through one stone.

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In its existing form, the earliest published record the the idiom was discovered in 1656.

It is to be thought that the phrase was source from the story the Daedalus and also Icarus indigenous Greek Mythology.

Daedalus killed two birds through one rock in order to acquire the feather of the birds and also make the wings. The father and also son who escaped native the Labyrinth top top Crete by do wings and flying out.

According to another theory the speak was obtained from an expression native The Proverbs of john Heywood, 1546 that reads:

“I will learne to prevent two gaps v one bush.”

Then about a century later on in 1656, the phrase (in its exact form) can be found in The Questions concerning Liberty, Necessity, and Chance written by thomas Hobbes.

“T. H. Thinks to kill 2 birds with one stone, and also satisfie two arguments with one answer, vice versa, in truth he satisfieth neither.”

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