This was initially posted virtually 8 years earlier when my boy was “graduating” preschool and moving to the big, bad elementary school. As I reread it, i felt compelled come reshare it together I are afraid much of it still ring true through me together a parent and also as an educator.

Good afternoon friends, families, and also graduates. Thank you so much for asking me to come and speak prior to you top top this momentous of days in the stays of these five-year-olds. Us come together today to recognize and also honor ours preschool graduates. End the previous two years they have actually come through these doors come play, paint, draw, build, dress-up, read, write, color, and learn. With the strength of play, this students have grown socially, emotionally and also academically. V the strength of compassionate and also love fill teaching, these students are now prepared because that elementary school.

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Students, together you move into the following phase that your academic lives I have some advice because that you. First, forget everything you did here. Specifically anything that was fun and playful. You will be entering into a world of testing and strict requirements that will certainly dictate her every move. Her play time will be changed by check preparation and your coloring will certainly be done with a number two pencil in tiny circles.

My 2nd piece of advice is to organize on to your imagination as lengthy as friend can. While you were here in preschool girlfriend were an imaginative in the many unfiltered and pure form. Girlfriend learned new things the end of curiosity and also a natural love that learning. As you gain older her classes will become more rigid, structured and also scripted. Do whatever you can to be an innovative in your work and pursue your organic curiosity.

Another point to keep in psychic is to protect against failing. Yes, as soon as you do the efforts singing her ABC’s and messed up, your teacher offered you as much time together you required to figure it out and get that right. Also though you failed initially, your teacher did aid you learn from it. However, as you relocate forward, failure is viewed as weakness and also ultimately will identify your many in life. Too countless failed tasks and also you will be labeled a failure v no possibility of success in this so-called actual world.

Now don’t get me wrong, elementary, junior high, and also high institution will have actually some great things as well. Those friends that you make in preschool will certainly still be through you. Although together you move on in her schooling, those friends will now be competitors. Instead of playing with each other you will complete with each other for awards, spots on sports teams, and also class ranking. If you room lucky you will certainly come out on top.

My last piece of advice is for you to never lose your hope. If you space fortunate sufficient you will have actually a teacher ready to make learning as funny for you as it was right here in preschool. This teacher will permit you come think exterior the box and allow your natural creative thinking to flow. They will certainly encourage you to be much more than a number top top a standardized test or a class on a report card.

Teachers external of the preschool world, if you are in the audience ns ask friend a favor. Watch at these bright and enthusiastic faces. They have a love because that learning and treasure every day in ~ school. Do whatever is in your power to store them this way as lengthy as possible. Nothing squash it with test prep, awards competitions, and overly standardized learning.

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In closing, my many heartfelt congrats to you and also the occupational you have done in the past two years. Store the memory of the previous two years in her mind and never forget what is possible when girlfriend love learning and also let her curiosity lead your way.