King the The Hill: 10 of The many Ridiculous points Hank has Done, Ranked Hank Hill is a notoriously straight-laced Texan, but he"s done much more than a couple of questionable points throughout the King that the Hill series.

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The famously and hilariously straight-edge Hank Hill is well-known for doing virtually absolutely something to avoid an awkward situation. A male of his word that frowns down on anything his conservative culture would deem as weakness, Hank usually comes throughout unfortunate situations, frequently as a byproduct of self-suppression. The guy is for this reason repressed, he"s gotten a small urethra and also gets giant constipated indigenous time come time from holding so much tension.

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Though the patriarch of King that the Hill is frequently civil and determined to perform the appropriate things, he additionally frequently blows increase in anger and frustration on his friends and family. His many repeated phrase is "I"m gonna kick your ass," i beg your pardon is claimed in most episodes. Hank"s weird dedication to being the clean-cut everyman is constantly backfiring because of him simply trying also hard.

It"s no mystery that Hank"s favorite human in the civilization is his amicable bloodhound, Ladybird. As soon as his boy Bobby decides to go into himself and Connie"s dog "Doggie," Hank likewise finds that he enjoys dancing through Ladybird after she responds come a particular song he likes.

He decides to enter them in the to dance competition. Tensions end up being high, together Hank, like his mam Peggy, can be overly competitive. Hank grow secretive and also obsessed with winning the match. In the end, Bobby end up winning 2nd place, and also Hank return to to dance alone through Ladybird in his garage, however this time, simply for fun.

Hank and also the boys go out to Austin come celebrate Bill"s birthday. At their hotel, former Texas governor Ann Richards is talking at an event. When Boomhauer, Dale, and Bill tell Hank come live a small and moon anyone from the glass elevator, Hank decides to be a bit adventurous because that once, just to it is in pranked as he"s the just one that pulls down his pants, in turn over Ann Richard"s occasion while she"s speaking.

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Hank turns about in fear to check out the politician ~ above the floor staring up at his bare bottom. This later leads to a relationship in between Bill and also Ann Richards when Bill decides to take it the autumn for the incident and also charms her upon their meeting.

once Bobby it s okay hit in the confront with a baseball causing a black eye, rumors space spread the Hank abuses him. Though it"s obvious to anyone else the Hank has actually never set a hand top top Bobby, CPS is sent to investigate anyway. Hank find a lack of dignity in the case and, feeling incorrectly accused, he consequentially blows up on the instance manager, i beg your pardon is the last thing anyone should ever do if they"re do the efforts to convince someone in that place that castle aren"t violent.

Luckily because that Hank, the case manager"s ceo decides the the employee taken on the situation rashly, believing that he harbored a bias versus "rednecks"—and clears him indigenous the situation. If the boss had a various light on the case, Hank can have quickly caused Bobby to be taken far by CPS.

7 Hank Gets Hysterical blindness After wade in on His Mom having actually Sex

It"s Christmas time with the family, lot to Hank"s utter chagrin. His quiet and humble mommy Tilly brings house her new boyfriend Gary, who happens to be Jewish. For everything reason, Hank has actually his reservations towards the polite and also charismatic new beau.

What seems to be right karma, Hank later accidentally walks in on the elder pair having sex on his dining room table, i m sorry literally reasons him to walk blind. This is later undone once Gary defends Tilly after being berated by Cotton Hill, bring about Hank to respect Gary for standing up for his mother"s honor.

Often, we see Hank and the gang blurt out racist comments, even if it is or no they mean for lock to be offensive. After your Laotian neighbors relocate in and also everyone already makes that awkward, Hank make the efforts to store things civil at the adhering to barbecue. Kahn offer Hank a burger at the family function, which Hank remarks tastes amazing, though he notices that the Souphanousinphone family members dog, Doggie, is missing.

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Dale suspects the the Souphanousinphones eat dogs. After Ladybird go missing, Hank accuses the Souphanousinphones the stealing and trying to eat her, which is clear wrong. Bobby and also Connie disclose that they took the dog out with them.

5 Hank Blurts Out to Mr. Strickland he Loves the On former of Everyone

Hank is notoriously a devoted propane-salesman in ~ Strickland Propane ("Propane, and propane accessories"), accurate obsessed v anything having actually to perform with his work and propane. He even goes come the level of forcing the family members to pray ~ they cook using charcoal alternatives.

When involving all of his friends and family to aid build a home for Habitat because that Humanity, Strickland offers Hank a promotion as a manager, prompting Hank come yell "I love you!" in former of everyone, including Hank"s very own father, Cotton. Consequently, Cotten decides to take it this personally and also proceeds come wreak havoc, something that does rather often.

regardless of Peggy"s talent in the sport and the truth that she"s basically transporting their whole softball team, Hank underestimates her, nonetheless. He renders calls together a coach the undermines Peggy"s techniques and type as she even leaves the team and is likewise unable come play as soon as not wanting come contradict Hank as a coach and a husband. Here, Hank is in ~ his most stubborn and petty together his control over the team outcomes in Peggy losing her touch once playing.

3 Hank do the efforts Teaching Bobby the Birds-and-Bees at a Cow Factory

no one because that talking about sex and relationships, Hank provides a significant misstep once attempting come tell Bobby, a curious and also oblivious adolescent, the bird-and-the-bees.

Hank is persuaded the best method to education is to display rather 보다 tell, resorting to nature—or rather, a branch in a cow plant wherein they"re bred. Obviously, this backfires as soon as a cow is artificially inseminated and also screams, bring about Hank come cover Bobby"s eyes as they was standing in horror.

cultivation up involves a lot, including brand-new allergies. Bobby begins to get sick, and also a trip to the doctor reveals he"s allergy to Ladybird. Hank tries come accommodate in ~ first, building Ladybird a deluxe doghouse referred to as "Barkingham Palace." Nonetheless, the old dog is supplied to living in the house and also refuses the doghouse, prompting Hank to indicate maybe Bobby could reside in it, instead.

As any kind of kid would, Bobby agrees to remain in his own small house, enjoying the freedom until the living problems end up having actually a major psychological toll and he begins drinking the end of the water bowl while only wearing underwear.

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1 Hank pressures Bobby come Smoke a pile of Cigarettes

In among the most notorious Hank-and-Bobby moments, as soon as Bobby decides come experiment v smoking, he and his best friend Joseph are caught by Hank. As a punishment, Hank forces Bobby come smoke the entire pack that cigarettes. Bobby gets sick from the result of the cigarettes, literally transforming green, while, as soon as Hank tries reflecting Bobby exactly how to smoke, he it s okay addicted come them himself. Hank end up gift a smoker because that a short time after this.