through over eighteen Keyblades to select from in the very first Kingdom Hearts, it"s only herbal players want to equip the best of the best.

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For together iconic a video clip game weapon the Keyblade has become with time, it"s hard to believe Sora"s weapon of an option was a full-blown chainsaw at one point. Of course, all this information is paired through the fact Sora was likewise half-lion during Kingdom Hearts" at an early stage conception, however things eventually ironed themselves out right into a Keyblade and a regular, human boy.

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although it"s Kingdom Hearts" crossover elements that first lured audiences, the gameplay was strong enough to create the franchise as one of the activity RPG genre"s best in no time in ~ all. V over eighteen Keyblades to pick from in Sora"s very first outing, it"s only natural players want to equip the best of the best.

Edited on may 31, 2021 through Renan Fontes: The original Kingdom Hearts has actually a different gameplay rhythm 보다 its successors, balancing rotate based sensibilities through reflex based action. When Kingdom Hearts i isn"t a particularly difficulty game, it obstacles players top top a more strategic level 보다 Kingdom understanding II or III. I beg your pardon Keyblade you have actually equipped is arguably more important than ever because of how stats work-related in KHI. 

Kingdom understanding Pumpkin Head
Unlocked close to the end of the game after completing Halloween Town, it"s entirely feasible players will have actually "better" Keyblades by the moment they obtain their hands on Pumpkin Head – nonetheless, it"s a good blade that"s worth using for its attack capabilities alone.

Attack: 9 Strength: +4 MP: +0

when Pumpkin Head uses no MP bonus, 7 Attack and +4 Strength room nothing come scoff it. Pumpkin Head additionally excels when it concerns dealing crucial hits and reach. This Keyblade will certainly strike opponents from much away, hard. Pumpkin Head is one that Sora"s most helpful Keyblades as much as physical damages goes. Its style is a plus, too.

Kingdom mind Oathkeeper
another late video game Keyblade that might seem outclassed by virtue of arriving at a allude where players will have resolved on a play style, Oathkeeper is given to Sora through Kairi after visiting Traverse city for the last mandatory time. Thanks to recently high stats, Oathkeeper ends up one of the most balanced Keyblades in the game.

Attack: 9 Strength: +6 MP: +1

Simply getting an extra notch the MP makes Oathkeeper worth utilizing as magic is ferociously broken in Kingdom hearts I. Through the right set up, Sora have the right to use Oathkeeper"s magic come tear through many everything. It"s also just a an excellent looking Keyblade with plenty of thematic significance.

Kingdom hearts Lady Luck
because that as simple as Lady luck is come get, it"s one many players will miss out on if only since it calls for backtracking to Wonderland after gaining access to the White Trinity. Native there, simply trigger the Trinity in Lotus Forest and also Sora will get Lady Luck.

Attack: 8 Strength: +5 MP: +2

fine rounded and high stats make Lady Luck among the most handy Keyblades in the game. Its stamin bonus isn"t amazing for when many players will certainly likely find it, but getting Lady happy asap will give Sora accessibility to fairly a lot of of MP previously than that should.

Spellbinder Kingdom Hearts
speak of Keyblades with magical bonuses, Spellbinder is technically worse 보다 Lady Luck, however it can be obtained at an earlier point in the video game while additionally radically buffing Sora"s Magic and also Summon capabilities. Spellbinder is a must have actually for anyone who"s going with a magic oriented playthrough.

Attack: 4 Strength: +4 MP: +2

Obtaining Spellbinder just requires unlocking the an initial tier version of every spell, something football player will normally do before even reaching Kingdom Hearts" halfway point. If Spellbinder"s offense is weak, players should be solid enough when acquiring the Keyblade where any offensive downsides are mitigated by the substantial magic buff.

At very first glance, Diamond Dust looks favor an utter catastrophe of a Keyblade. Not just does it have actually a base attack stat that 3 (shared through the Kingdom Key, Sora"s default Keyblade), Diamond Dust awards no strength bonuses. That said, it does compensation 3 MP, the many of any kind of Keyblade. While that doesn"t seem choose a lot, magical damage scales through MP in the original Kingdom Hearts.

Attack: 3 Strength: +0 MP: +3

the +3 MP is every Diamond Dust requirements to be the single best magically oriented Keyblade in the game. It will tear through opponents so lengthy as Sora provides magic, and also it"s especially advantageous for the late video game cups at Olympus Coliseum. Diamond Dust doesn"t watch useful, however that"s its trick.

The Kingdom Hearts franchise often tends to do great by Olympus Coliseum themed Keyblades, and also the world"s first weapon, Olympia, is no exception. Discovered inside of a sweetheart chest after perfect the Hercules Cup, Olympia uses Sora staggering toughness and vital properties the make that an utter beast in combat.

Attack: 10 toughness +6 MP: +0

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Olympia has sufficient raw power to simply tear with enemies, conveniently deflecting attacks in the process. It"s among Sora"s coolest Keyblades in the game, and a strike stat paired through a +6 str modifier keeps Olympia viable all the way to the end of the game.

Lionheart is an amazing Keyblade plagued through one problem: the comes as well late. Unlocked after beating Leon in the Hades Cup, Lionheart is only obtained right before Kingdom Hearts is around to plunder up. Anyone who"s diligently been doing next content will certainly likely have a better Keyblade, or one they"d favor to use.

Attack: 10 Strength: +7 MP: +1

however that doesn"t do Lionheart negative by any means. It"s one of the best choices for those who simply want a well balanced Keyblade – hitting hard, increasing MP, and buffing Sora"s Magic and also Summoning abilities. Lionheart"s stat spread speaks because that itself.

together is the instance with Diamond Dust, One Winged point of view doesn"t initially seem every that great a Keyblade. I beg your pardon is specifically frustrating considering unlocking claimed Keyblade requires defeating Sephiroth, one of the solitary hardest bosses in the original Kingdom Hearts. As we"ve learned, however, looks have the right to be deceiving.

Attack: 8 Strength: +5 MP: -2

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One Winged Angel"s base strike stat isn"t stellar, but weak stamin modifier and MP reduction come turn off daming. The said, One Winged Angel"s case to call is the insane an essential rate. The Keyblade is pretty lot guaranteed come crit, and also its crits hit hard. Stats hardly matter when you"re critting favor a monster.

By much the most tedious and also time consuming weapon to gain in the game, obtaining the Ultima Weapon calls for synthesizing everything. Just then is the Ultima Weapon available for synthesis, not also purchase or offered to the player. Naturally, this ends up being rather the process.

Attack: 14 Strength: +9 MP: +2

It"s precious it, the course, together the Ultima Weapon"s stats are far and also away better than anything rather in the game, make it quite a beast. It"s just a shame the weapon is guarantee to be gotten essentially when there"s nothing else left to carry out in the game.

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the said, anyone who wants to indulge in the raw strength of the Ultima Weapon without in reality grinding the end the product needed to create it, the magnificent Rose can also be found near the finish of the game, albeit in a lot easier and also reliable capacity. Simply speak through Belle in the hole Bastion library after rescuing the Princesses that Light.

Attack: 13 Strength: +7 MP: +0

Requiring beside no effort to acquire and virtually rivaling the Ultima Weapon in stats, the magnificent Rose is Kingdom understanding I"s finest Keyblade. It has a base assault stat that 13 and +7 strength, an certain ludicrous amount of power. It provides no magic buffs, yet it crits hard and reliably.

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