Just struggle level 15 and also spoke to Kreia. She speak me more about the force and also tells me I require to choose a prestige class pretty much. What is the ideal prestige course for a sentinel? I’m making use of a single handed lightsaber if that matters. Right currently I’m leaning an ext towards Weapon Master and also Jedi Master. Lock both sound good. Despite I can be wrong.

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EDIT: Didn’t recognize this would acquire a many comments, for this reason I determined Weapon master at the time. Mainly because the blaster deflection and also the melee passive feat sound so great and I discover myself walking up versus a lot of of civilization with blasters.

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Weapon master favour dual wielding through having progressed two-weapon fighting feat that almost nullifies your attack oenalties double wielding, and also melee damage by the passive enhance Melee damage. Sure, you might take the class for the passive melee damage feat, yet not double wielding kind of provides it wasted.

Unfortunately because that this game, the Jedi Master/Sith lord prestige class are means worse 보다 the base Jedi Consular course in every way. Reduced defence progression, slower acquire in pressure Powers, reduced saves than also the simple Jedi Consular. If your point was to cast Force Powers, friend might as well start v the Jedi Consular, and then take it up the Watchman prestige class for an even better version of KotOR I's Scoundrel/Consular.

Which then pipeline Watchman. I beg your pardon is an ext of the exact same for a Sentinel, but adds in Sneak Attack and also a chunk of skill points.

You selected master Flurry as declared in your previously threads, which go fine through Sneak Attack. Take up the Stasis ar force power as soon as levelling up the Watchman class.

Or you can just give up and take increase the Two-Weapon Fighting feats, leaving you to take either Watchman or Weapon Master. You will get progressed lightsaber creates that favour dual wielding.

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I repeat: perform NOT touch the Jedi Master/Sith mr Prestige classes ever. If friend wanted force Powers, start with Consular. After the Consular, progress to Watchman if you want to utilise debilitating force Powers and much more skills, Weapon understand if you desire to specialise in combat - but I personally discover Consular/Weapon master too specialised and bars girlfriend from the exp granted by making use of skills.