Your regional dealer might offer delivery options and be accessible to aid you with organization after the sale. We have some very big e-commerce dealers that market this same form of service.

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Lane Furniture is obtainable through countless dealers through the joined States. If a dealer is no in a reasonable driving distance, girlfriend can contact your regional retailer and also ask lock to become a lane Dealer. Roadway Furniture is only available through authorized dealers and cannot be purchased any type of other way.

International dealers have actually the alternative of offering some the the same commodities that we offer domestically. In addition, there space covers and also styles arisen specifically for your markets.

Foam seat cores and also cushions will over time shed some of your firmness, much as any foam or pillow kind product would under typical circumstances.

You will notification some compression loss and this is normal.

However, springs and also foam seat cores are warranted come be cost-free of defects in materials and workmanship for 3 years native the day of sale.

Lane will honor reasonable and also customary job charges because that a duration of one year from the original day of sale because that the purpose of fix or replacing warranty parts.

Warranty company should it is in performed by one authorized lane dealer or roadway certified business agent.

exactly how old is my cedar chest?

Usually lane cedar chests have serial numbers that room stamped or used to the bottom the the chests.

You can read the serial number BACKWARDS to determine the production date.

Some chests may also have an extra digit which denotes the plant location.

If your design does not have a serial number we will certainly be can not to provide you v a production date.

Is the furniture ~ above the website available in other fabrics and also leathers or in other colors?

Yes. Virtually every item created by lane Furniture may be one-of-a-kind ordered in a large assortment of covers and also colors. Exceptions may be those commodities such together advertised specials or various other limited-production items. Call your neighborhood authorized roadway dealer for more information on your individual special order policies.

What furniture carry out you recommend because that a big individual? Are any of your products tested on larger individuals? What is a ComfortKing?

We manufacture a line of recliners dubbed the ComfortKing®. This line is designed because that the bigger person, height and also weight proportional.

have the right to I order added pillows because that my sofa?

Yes, you’ll need to call our Customer company by click here and also completing the type for this purchase. You’ll should supply the serial number and also your mail address.

walk Lane offer slipcovers?

Lane does not manufacture or administer sources because that slipcovers for our furniture. We imply you call your regional department store or seamstress.

The style that i purchased does not come v arm hat or headrest covers, can I acquisition them?

Arm caps space not conventional on activity furniture, leather/vinyl upholstery, recliners or stationary furniture. Arm caps are obtainable for purchase through your regional authorized roadway Retailer. Once ordering eight covers, please encompass your furniture's seven-digit serial number therefore that us may provide the exactly cover/color for you furniture. Headrest covers space not offered on any style.

What species of springs are used in your upholstered furniture?

We use a sinuous no-sag kind spring in our seat and ago frames. They space attached to each other with border wire and clips. On furniture that has actually C3 bag Coil Seating, personally pocketed, barrel-shaped coils room designed to maximize durability, when foam and fiber wraps carry out extra-soft comfort. This coils space made from 100% recycle steel and are encased in soy-based foam to do them more eco-friendly.

just how do I know if a format I choose is obtainable in a loveseat or sectional?

When visiting a dealer, castle will have actually information either v the directory or top top the furniture the what is available and if the team is offered as a sofa/loveseat or sectional style.

can I bespeak my roadway furniture in a various finish or cover than what I have seen?

Yes. Virtually every item developed by our infrastructure may be one-of-a-kind ordered in a huge assortment the covers and colors. Exceptions may be those assets such together advertised specials, or other limited-production items. Contact your regional authorized roadway dealer for an ext information on their individual special order policies.

can I it is provided my own towel when notified upholstered roadway furniture?

No, lane is no able come manufacture furniture using the customer’s own fabric.

just how do I gain my furniture to sit level on one uneven floor?

Our upholstery is designed come sit even and properly to adjust if inserted on an even floor.

Your local hardware keep may carry rubber levelers to ar under upholstery foot to help change the height somewhat if placed on one uneven surface.

However, placing more than a fifty percent inch of spacer will cause damage to the mechanical operations of the unit and should it is in avoided.

I found a towel I really like, but the salesperson told me it can be upholstered ~ above a sofa yet not top top a recliner. Why?

Some cloth does not work well v the design or size of a recliner. For example, a stripe would certainly not be readily available on a modern-day recliner, yet would be available on a timeless sofa. The manufacturing patterns developed for every piece carry out not always work because that every covering in the line.

once ordering a recliner, have the right to I request to have the handle located on the left side, RSF, rather of ~ above the right?

Certain formats do market this option.

However, her dealer will must work with a roadway sales representative to ar this special order for you. No all layouts will have the ability to be modified so examine with your retailer first.

have the right to I get the Chippendale legs, or various other type, top top a recliner?

Although legs seem like they would certainly be simple to exchange between styles, we carry out not market that option. The foot on a roadway Recliner are component of the frame. When we build the style, we examine the industry for what us feel room the ideal styling alternatives for this piece. Once it has actually left the style phase, we perform not substitute.

How can I order fix parts, pillows or reduced fabric?

Certain upholstery and also replacement components are obtainable through our Customer organization Department or with your local Lane retailer.

You will have to supply the product’s serial number for the dealer or factory to study the piece of furniture to identify if the components are tho available.

Then the dealer or manufacturing facility will be able to carry out the part’s cost and shipping details.

does Lane sell re-upholstery service, or can you to express me come a reputable re-upholstery company?

Lane go not sell re-upholstery solutions nor provide recommendations of regional providers.

How deserve to I tell if my cedar chest demands the brand-new safety lock?

Click below to be taken to the roadway Cedar Chest Lock recall page.

exactly how do i tell if mine recliner is part of the recall I"ve heard around in the news?

Click here to be required to our safety details page to watch if there are any current issues.

What are ideal ways to treatment for my timber furniture?

In order to maintain the beauty beauty of your furniture, appropriate attention and also care have to be offered to it. Even furniture the is not used will come to be soiled if not cleaned and also polished on a constant basis. Also the waiting in what is assumed come be an extremely clean households bring dust, pollen and other contaminants the will, over time, reason furniture finishes to lose their value by the build-up of soil and by 'drying out' the lacquer topcoats. To protect against this indigenous happening, it is vital to clean and polish or wax your furniture top top a continual basis.

Selection of Polish and also Waxes

The basic product used in most commercially easily accessible furniture polishes are either wax-based or oil-based. Oil-based polishes help to renew the luster or shine on furniture finishes and also perform well in removing fingerprints, dust, and also grease. Oil-based polishes also aid to protect the finish by “moisturizing” it together the emollients contempt soak into the lacquer and wood pores in a similar effect as using moisturizing odor on ours skin. Because oil-based polishes generally raise the sheen level the finishes, they are recommended and perform ideal on satin and glossy finishes. Wax-based polishes job-related by clean furniture and covering it through a thin layer of protective and moisture-resistant coating. Like oil-based polishes, it does fine at remove fingerprints, dust, and also some stains indigenous furniture finishes. Wax-based polishes also protect furniture by moisturizing the finish and by helping to maintain the moisture because of the protective coating the provides. Dough wax is a concentrated form of wax-based furniture polish. That can assist in hiding many tiny surface scratches and also dries to a tough shine. Wax-based polishes execute well ~ above flat and satin-sheen finishes. It may also be supplied on an ext glossy finishes, yet must it is in buffed to boost the sheen level that the wax, i m sorry is ordinarily satiny in appearance.

Proper usage of Waxes and also Polishes

For ideal results, waxes and also polishes have to not it is in sprayed directly from the have the right to or bottle onto the furniture finish. Instead, spray a soft cotton towel with the polish and apply evenly with a smooth, level wiping movement over the furniture finish. Allow the polish to dry because that a moment and, through a 2nd cotton cloth, dried the furniture through a comparable motion together above. Do not change lamps or other objects immediately back onto the furniture so that the polish will have ample time to dry completely. This will help reduce “shadows” underneath the objects. Decision on a kind of polishing or wax to usage on your furniture and also stick through it. Interchanging wax- and oil-based polishes will reason the furniture end up to come to be cloudy and also streaked in appearance because the oil-based polishes will partly “melt” the wax in wax-based polishes however will not fully remove it.

Leather is among today's most popular upholstery fabrics. Animal leather is soft, supple, and extremely durable. It may actually outlast other upholstery numerous times over. Animal leather breathes and also keeps cool in summer and warm during winter months. Leather upholstery is do from hides that are subjected come a series of chemistry processes called tanning. This procedure softens, beautifies, and also protects this hides. Before buying animal leather upholstery, the is important to understand the features and also benefits of different grades that leather.

If you are not certain of the type or finish of your leather, look beneath the chair cushion on every items except recliners to find a label through “Leather Classification and also Leather care Tips.” for recliners, look in ~ the ottoman for the information.

Brown brand = 'A', 'P', or 'SA' - Aniline, Protected/Pigmented, or Semi-Aniline Leathers (click here)

Blue brand = 'N' - Nubuck Leathers (click here)

For leather care and also cleaning information, click here.

There are generally two qualities or cuts of leather:

Top-Grain Leather

Top-grain leather is the top layer of the hide. The top part of the hide is roughly 3/64-inch thick and also is the most premium great of leather. Top-grain leather might be processed into full-grain leather, i beg your pardon is no buffed or sanded and also maintains every one of the herbal markings that were top top the hide, or corrected-grain leather, i beg your pardon is buffed and also sanded to correct surface ar markings. The surface of corrected-grain leather is smoother and much more uniform.

Split Leather

Split leather originates from the lower layer that the hide. It is climate processed into suede, split, or coated break-up leather. Coated separation leather is stiffer and also less sturdy than peak grain and also is frequently used to cover the parts of a sofa or chair that will not it is in seen and does not have to be as flexible as the top.

There are 4 finishes or treatments of leather:

Full Aniline Dyed Leather

Most tanned leather is colored v a penetrating aniline dye the is took in by the pores and permeates the surface of the hide, giving it color without covering over natural markings. Pure aniline dyed leather has actually a clear, protective aniline coating, yet it walk not have actually an applied pigmented surface ar coating or finish. This is the ideal quality and most expensive leather. It is offered for hides with couple of natural markings and no need for correction. Only a small portion of hides are good enough for this treatment, which explains the higher prices, but these are the leathers that often tend to construct a affluent patina through age.

Semi-Aniline Dyed Leather

Semi-aniline animal leather is a leather hide with only a tiny amount of surface ar coating. It has actually the same amount of aniline dye as the pure aniline dyed leather. However, it is not recommended for too much use, due to the fact that the pigment could wear off.

Nubuck Leather

Nubuck leather, choose top-grain leather, comes from the top portion of the hide and has a slight nap. It looks favor suede yet is much more durable. Nubuck leather is generally treated through chemicals to resist stains and also water.

Pigment-Dyed Leather

Pigment dyed describes leather who surface has actually been coated through finishing products containing pigments or other opaque materials. The process is lot like a paint process, and also the dye stays close come the surface. V years the use, pigment-dyed leathers might require you come touch up scratches that have actually penetrated deep enough into the leather to reach the organic hide, which would be lighter in color.

Any application of chemical therapies voids the Lane factory warranty. Lane’s customer warranty is published on the cave TAG attached come each piece of furniture and clearly states that towel treatments void the towel warranty: “Where the fabric or leather has had some form of chemistry applied, the Fabric/Leather Warranty will not apply.”

Click below to review complete warranty.

This warranty place is as result of several reasons.

1. The share Industry fabric Standards Committee has determined that “protective” covering coatings (also well-known as RAFT) used by entities other than the mill or tannery may affect fabric integrity and also contribute to premature birth seam failure, discoloration, color bleeding, heap release, and latex deterioration.

2. Cover mills and also tanneries the supply covers to Lane do not warrant consists that have been treated through any type of coating by various other parties. This has actually been the industry standard and practice of lane Furniture, sheathe suppliers, and also other furniture manufacturers since at the very least 1986.

3. Lane cannot be held accountable for any kind of potential damage caused by application of chemistry treatments. However, there might be warranties the supersede the roadway warranty. This warranties, if applicable, might by offered by the manufacturer that the chemistry or by the party applying the chemical.

Please refer to your dealer as to the vouch of any type of such treatment or application.

We room unable to provide swatch photos online primarily since of the huge number of covers the each the our styles can be upholstered in.

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Your local Lane retailer is her best source of cover ease of access and swatch samples because that the styles you room interested in. Occasionally seeing a picture of a sheathe swatch cannot convey the true watch of the cover such together sizing or exact shade nor can it provide you with the chance to feeling the cover. A covering that might be appeal to girlfriend in a snapshot may not be together appealing in your hands. We would not desire you to location an order through your neighborhood retailer based on an image and upon shipment find it unsatisfactory.