1. An exclaimation in the (mistaken) belief that a catastrophe is happening, regularly used as a sarcastic retort. 2. Can also refer to the people ending.E.g."They"re screaming like the skies is fallout’s down!"

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Sima bina - i wasn't crazy, your love made me crazyI wasn"t crazy, her love made me crazyYour love led me to leave my hometown... Sweetheart

Which mountains and desert have the smell of you ... Sweetheart

SEKAI NO OWARI - RAINMagic will certainly wear off one day, us all recognize thatMoon is blooming and also sun has withered nowThe me that is reflected in the umbrella the you held out for me looks dry.But the me the is reflect in the pond is wet since of the rain

Suzan & Freek - Blue DayBlue day, when there"s thunderAnd the sky is falling down, I"ll be below with you alone Blue day, one second

Ed Sheeran - I check out FireFor if the dark returnsThen mine brothers will dieAnd as the sky is fallout’s downIt crashed into this lonely town

Birdy - LonelinessThis tainted lullabyI’m talking in mine sleepThe sky is falling down It’s getting closer now

Capital cities - Safe and also SoundYou could be mine luckEven if the sky is falling under I understand that we"ll be safe and sound

Katy Perry - no the end of the WorldNo, not the end of the world

You can catch a star if the skies is falling downThere"s a gold lining up in every solitary cloud

Ayyan - EarthquakeShaking up my groundBut ever due to the fact that i shed youThe sky is fallout’s down.Ever since you go away

AOA - Still drops The RainSuddenly darkness is comes down,In the sky rain is falling downLike is going come wet mine shoulderHowing in my eye too, in vain

Ahmet Kaya - In the darknessNight comes darkness arrivesWatchmen make their roundsRoses faded away spanned with snowI feel choose I desire to embrace and kiss that branches

Stas Mikhailov - leaving meI"m going to the left, you are going to the rightThe sky is fallout’s down, the pleasure is a woven threadAll the was in between us was no a fun

Dragon Age: Inquisition (OST) - into the DarknessWar is crying outThe people is shakingThe skies is falling under - the skies is fallout’s down

Celtic woman - I view FireFor if the dark returnsThen mine brothers will certainly dieAnd as the sky is falling under It crashed into this lonely town

YUNGBLUD - fall SkiesDon"t let me goDon"t allow me go-go-go-go-go-goEven though the sky is falling downDon"t allow me go-go-go-go-go-go

Claire Guerreso - skip StonesStop the human being from spinning aroundFeels favor the sky is fall downCan"t breathe in, i can"t breath out

Black Sabbath - youngsters of the SeaPoor lost youngsters of the sea, yeah

LOOK OUT! the skies is fallout’s down!LOOK OUT! The people is turn round and round and round!

Nina Zilli - without belonging to"Woman" waste time polishing her angerAbout time i beg your pardon has changed but i beg your pardon doesn"t still readjust her"Woman" can fly when the sky is falling downBut I, what was i looking for?





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