Emerging rapper Lil Snupe, a recent signee to Meek Mill"s Dream Chaser"s label, to be shot and also killed early on Thursday morning (June 20) in Winnfield, La.

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Police speak 18-year-old Addarren Ross was killed around 4:00 a.m. At the Maplewood Apartments in Winnfield, follow to CBS affiliate KNOE 8. Ross, known as Lil Snupe, had actually two gunshot wounds.

Earlier reports the Snupe was killed throughout the course of a dice game are false, stated Lt. Charles M. Curry the the Winnfield Police Department. The official did confirm with NBC33, Baton Rouge"s NBC affiliate, that the rapper knew his alleged killer.

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"We"re functioning diligently to inspection this case and also track under the suspect," the said.

The suspect"s name has not to be released the end of respect for the family.

Winnfield (pop. 4,840) is located about an hour phibìc of Alexandria in the love of the state. It"s not instantly known why Snupe was in the small town. Sources tell smashville247.net the artist may have actually been life in Baton Rouge while part previous articles written around the young rapper have detailed Jonesboro, La., around 80 miles east of Shreveport, as his hometown.

In freestyle raps posted online, Snupe has name-dropped "225" -- the Baton Rouge area code.

His manager, DJ Smallz and Dream Chasers" Louie V Gutta tweeted the Lil Snupe"s death this morning.

Meek Mill signed Snupe come Dream Chasers critical year ~ listening come his mixtape because that 20 minutes, the late Louisiana rapper said MTV News in February. "He remained in a van, they was finna traction off. And I went and knocked top top the van, on the window. They permit the home window down, grabbed the mixtape and it was favor 10 minute later, 20 minutes later on they called me," that said.

"He to be spittin" so lot pain, he"s native the southern with a circulation like an east shore guy," Meek said MTV.

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Snupe repped his home state in his critical tweet, "i organize it under 4 Louisiana."

Snupe released his mixtape, "Real Ni--a in Charge," in April. Check it the end below.

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