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Pros and also Cons of relocating to Halifax, Nova Scotia

Are you reasoning of a long distance relocate to Halifax? This naval city boasts a boatload the appeal… yet it does have actually a pair of downsides as well. So prior to you begin packing her boxes, destruction deeper right into the pros and cons of moving to Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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The advantages of relocating to Halifax

1. Reasonable housing Prices

Although Halifax housing prices provided to be cheap contrasted to various other cities in Canada, now they can an ext accurately be described as “reasonable.” Increased demand has moved up the price to buy a home in Nova Scotia’s biggest city somewhat. (There have even been bidding battles on a few choice properties recently!) Still, homeownership is a much much more affordable dream in Halifax 보다 in, say, Toronto or Vancouver.

2. Beautiful Scenery

The Atlantic Ocean. That’s where any kind of description the Halifax’s gorgeous scenery has to start. Where you select to live in the city, you never an ext than 30 minutes from the beautiful beachfront. You’ll likewise find many of parks and hiking trails to enjoy, and also even 2 ski hills not far away. If your idea of attractive see runs more toward sites produced by person beings, you’ll enjoy the local historical landmarks and also picturesquely painted houses.

3. Trusted People

Haligonians, as they are known (seriously!), often tend to it is in a trusted bunch. Courteous and also happy, they are really willing come strike increase a conversation with strangers…. And also no one remains a stranger very long. People who’ve made the move to Halifax point out the pleasant feeling of understanding your neighbours, pitching in to assist each other, and joining together to construct a community.

4. Big City Feel

With an estimated 414,000 inhabitants as of 2021, Halifax can be described as a mid-sized urban centre. Yet perhaps since it has Canada’s second-fastest-growing population, it is emerging a distinctly big city vibe. Its prospering entertainment scene contains a wide selection of festivals transparent the year and also some sophisticated dining. Yet the area maintains a slower, an ext relaxed pace of life — good if you’d choose to leave web traffic jams behind.

5. Safe ar To Live

Good news! Halifax is a really safe location to live. The crime price in Halifax is much reduced than in many other components of Canada — and also it proceeds to drop. Contributing come this downward trend: a number of formerly dodgy locations are currently being gentrified.

The cons of relocating to Halifax

1. Not As plenty of Job Options

Nova Scotia’s economy is fairly sluggish, early out at the very least in part to its small population. Job avenues tend come be minimal and number of fields, choose teaching, are already saturated. While over there is seasonal work-related available, most long-term jobs are either in physically demanding sectors like construction and fishing or in minimum fairy sectors together as call centres. However, if girlfriend are moving to Halifax through a work-from-home job or a retirement pension, girlfriend won’t need to worry.

2. Amenities are Bit more Expensive

No doubt about it, the cost of life in Halifax is fairly high. You’ll have to shell out about 9% much more for food and similar basic amenities right here than in Montreal, because that example. There room a few exceptions, however, such as low prices for fresh, very delicious seafood.

3. Taxes are Higher

Be ready to pay greater taxes in Halifax. That consists of income tax, building tax, and even sales tax. The reason for these greater taxes? over there is no enough big industry in Nova Scotia to support the government and its services, so separation, personal, instance taxpayers require to comprise the shortfall.

Should You relocate to Halifax?

As you can see, Halifax offers a lot an ext pros than cons. If girlfriend love salty s breezes — and also the thought of paying less for a private house in a beautiful setting by the sea, than you would certainly for a condo in various other Canadian cities — climate Halifax could be the ideal house for you. Simply make sure you have actually a reliable source of income.

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The next step in your research study is discovering the price of moving to Halifax, Nova Scotia. Usually, long distance moving prices are based upon total load X distance. Cassidy’s experienced, reliable lengthy distance movers will be happy to assist you make the calculation.