“I need Love” is LL Cool J’s very first big hit, peaking in ~ #14 in the US and also reaching the top 10 in 5 European countries.It is considered the very first rap ballad to it is in an… review More 

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When I'm alone in my room periodically I stare at the wallAnd in the ago of mine mind ns hear mine conscience callTelling me I need a girl who's as sweet as a doveFor the very first time in mine life, I view I need loveThere ns was giggling about the gamesThat I had actually played with many hearts, and I'm not saying no namesThen the thought occured, tear drops made my eye burnAs I stated to myself, "look what you've done to her"I deserve to feel that inside, ns can't explain how that feelsAll I recognize is that I'll never dish another raw dealPlaying make-believe pretending that I'm trueHolding in mine laugh together I to speak that ns love youSaying amor kissing friend on the earWhispering, "I love you and also I'll constantly be here"Although I frequently reminisce ns can't think that ns foundA desire because that true love floating aroundInside mine soul due to the fact that my heart is coldOne fifty percent of me deserves to be this way 'til I'm oldBut the other half needs affection and also joyAnd the warmth the is produced by a girl and also a boyI need loveI need love
Romance, sheer delight, exactly how sweet?I gotta uncover me a girl to make my life completeYou can scratch my back, we'll gain cozy and huddleI'll lay under my jacket so you have the right to walk end a puddleI'll offer you a rose, pull out your chair before we eatKiss girlfriend on the cheek and say, "ooh girl, you're therefore sweet"It's deja vu anytime I'm v youI might go on forever telling you what i doBut whereby you at? You're neither here or thereI swear i can't uncover you anywhereDamn sure you ain't in mine closet, or under mine rugThis love search is really making me bugAnd if you understand who you are why don't you do yourself seen?Take the opportunity with my love and you'll uncover out what ns meanFantasies have the right to run, however they can't hideAnd once I uncover you I'm gon' pour all mine love insideI require loveI need loveI wanna kiss you, organize you, never scold, you just love youSuck on friend neck, caress you and also rub youGrind, moan and never be aloneIf you're not standing next to me you're on the phoneCan't you hear the in my voice? I need love badI've got money, but love's miscellaneous I've never hadI need your ruby red lips sweet face and allI love you much more than a guy who's 10 feet tallI'd clock the sunrise in her eyesWe're therefore in love when we hug we come to be paralyzedOur body explode in ecstasy unrealYou're together soft as a pillow and also I'm as tough as steelIt's favor a dream land, i can't lie, I never been thereMaybe this is an endure that me and you deserve to shareClean and unsoiled however sweaty and wetI swear come you this is something I'll never ever forget
I require loveI need loveSee what ns mean? I've changed, I'm no longerA playboy top top the run, I need something that's strongerFriendship, trust, honor, respect, admirationThis totality experience has actually been such a revelationIt's taught me love and how to it is in a genuine manTo constantly be considerate and also do all i canProtect you, you're mine lady and you typical so muchMy body tingles almost everywhere from the little touchOf your hand and also understand I'll be frozen in timeTill us meet confront to face and you phone call me you're mineIf I uncover you, girl, i swear I'll it is in a great manI'm no gonna leave it in destiny's handsI can't sit and also wait for my princess to arriveI gotta struggle and also fight to save my dream aliveI'll find the whole civilization for that unique girlWhen ns finally discover you clock our love unfurlI require loveI need love

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Girl, listen to me. When I be sit in mine room every alone, staring at the wallFantasies, they go through my mind, and also I've concerned realize that I require true loveAnd if friend wanna offer it to me, girl, do yourself seen. I'll be waitingI love you