Passaic (N.J.) holds the document with 159 right as six various other schools check in with an ext than 100 in a row.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2021 12:45pm
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No. 1 ranked Montverde Academy (Fla.) breezed through its toughest test of the season last week v wins over Oak Hill Academy (Mouth of Wilson, Va.), IMG Academy (Bradenton, Fla.) and also Wasatch Academy (Mt. Pleasant, Utah) at the St. James NIBC Invitational, expanding its winning streak come 40 games. The streak is one of the longest energetic streaks in the nation, but where does the rank among the all-time winning streaks in high college boys basketball history? has actually compiled a list of the longest high institution basketball wins streaks, through the minimum complete on the list beginning at 50 and also reaching every the method to the incredible complete of 159 directly wins through Passaic (N.J.) in the 1920s.Montverde Academy is believed to have the third-longest active streak behind Auburn (Neb.) v 48 and Rangeview (Colo.) through 45. The Eagles are also closing in ~ above their own school record of 44 wins in a row. They additionally have a 42-game victory streak, follow to their schedules ~ above Through three gamings remaining on its schedule, Montverde Academy is a good candidate to sign up with the list next year.Passaic"s streak finished on Feb. 7, 1925 with a loss come Hackensack. The streak covered seven seasons start March 15, 1919. Passaic went on to win 41 gamings after the loss to Hackensack for a operation of 200-1. Passaic"s streak is 30 games much better than Georgia Christian (Valdosta, Ga.), which had 129 wins between 1979 and 1984. Passaic and Georgia Christian space two the end of seven teams that have actually won 100 or an ext games in a row.Teams ranked No. 1 to complete the season have been associated in a number of the success streaks on the list. They incorporate Chino Hills in 2016, Oak Hill Academy in 2012, St. Anthony (Jersey City, N.J.) in 2011, Yates (Houston) in 2010, Findlay prepare (Henderson, Nev.), 2009, Lawrence phibìc (Ind.) in 2006, Oak Hill Academy in 2001, St. Anthony 1996, Oak Hill Academy in 1993, Dunbar (Baltimore, Md.) in 1992, King (Chicago, Ill.) in 1990, St. Anthony (Jersey City, N.J.) in 1989, Flint Hill (Oakton, Va.) in 1987, Dunbar (Md.) in 1983, Quincy (Ill.) in 1981, West Philadelphia (Pa.) in 1977, Kashmere (Houston) in 1975, Thornridge (Ill.) in 1972, Wheatley (Houston) in 1970, Compton (Calif.) in 1968 and 1969, power Memorial (N.Y.) in 1963 and also 1964, McClymonds (Oakland, Calif.) in 1958-60, and also Middletown (Ohio) in 1956-57 and also Pampa (Texas) in 1952-53.Also had on the list room a number of All-Black colleges from the segregation era. Teams incorporate Douglas (Elm City, N.C.), Horse cavern (Ky.), Nashville Cameron (Tenn.), Nashville Pearl (Tenn.), Wheatley (Houston), Booker T. Washington (Suffolk, Va.) and Britton (La.).Among the room of fame NBA football player who have been involved in the streaks include Kareem Abdul Jabbar at strength Memorial, Connie Hawkins at boys (N.Y.), Elvin Hayes at Britton (La.), Jerry Lucas at Middletown (Ohio), Moses Malone at Petersburg (Va.), Alonzo Mourning at Indian flow (Va.), and also Dominique Wilkins in ~ Washington (N.C.).Streaks room based on in its entirety wins, not constant season or league win streaks.Sources because that the list incorporate the nationwide Federation of High Schools document Book,, Cal-Hi sports Almanac & Record publication by Mark and also Nelson Tennis, Ronnie Flores that, by friend Collings, Washington historian Dave Maley, Oregon historians Doug Calvert and also Mal valve Meer, Todd Holcomb the the Atlanta newspaper Constitution, southern Jersey chronicler Chuck Langerman, state association record books and also research via transforms or enhancements to the list, you re welcome e-mail Kevin Askeland in ~ kevinaskeland65