What"s The Longest Possible global Phone Number i

2 hours earlier A subscriber number is generally defined in the national numbering plans. The inquiry itself mirrors a relation to a national view by stating "area code" i m sorry a many nations don"t have. ITU has assembled summary of the world"s numbering plans publishing recommendation E.164 where the national number was discovered to have actually a maximum of 12

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Longest call Number In The World? general Questions

8 hours ago The satphone number i quoted over is one Inmarsat number (+873) and is only 12 digits. Also, according to Wikipedia, “Iridium phone numbers all begin with +8816 or +8817 (which is favor the country code for a online country) and the 8-digit phone number”, making a full of 12 digits. Right, yet you can’t just dial the number by itself.

What Is The Maximum length Of any kind of Phone Number?

5 hours back In the joined States and other countries participating in NANP, the maximum length of a phone number is 10 digits. Internationally, phone lengths vary, but the ITU E.164 states that phone numbers about the globe are recommended to no be much longer than 15 digits.

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Did You recognize What Is The human being Record for Longest phone

Just currently What is the longest phone call ever taken? In 2012, Eric R. Brewster and Avery A. Leonard the Harvard University hosted a phone speak to for an impressive 46 hours, 12 minutes, 52 seconds, and 228 milliseconds. The 2 students were not permitted to prevent talking because that over 10 seconds, however were given the chance to muster their strength back with a 5-minute

3 hours ago This is a world record video clip with my girlfriend william;) expect you men enjoy a an extremely long phone call:)Subscribe to me and my girlfriend https://www.youtube.com/chann

Which countries Have The Shortest and Longest phone

3 hours ago Answer (1 that 2): The shortest “national far-ranging number” right now with no area codes is St Helena/Tristan de Cunha with a 7-digit IDD number and 4-digit dialing in the form of +290 2xxx because that Jamestown, St Helena and +290 8xxx because that Tristan de Cunha. Tokelau offers single-digit area codes and also 3

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The World"s (or At least The US"s) Longest reality Address

1 hours back The world"s (or at least the US"s) longest reality address. Hut sure beats Pizza 73, whose insurance claim to fame is a memorable phone number (though no as good as the memorable-phone-number agency in Vancouver.) 73 is worse. Panagopolis is worse. The tiny indie ar in the

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Largest mobile (cell) call Guinness human being Records

9 hours ago The largest functioning mobile phone is a scaled up Samsung SCH-r450. It measures 4.57 x 3.42 x .74 m (15 x 11.2 x 2.5 ft), was accomplished by Cricket Communications and Samsung Mobile, and also was unveiled at an occasion coordinated by an imaginative agency Neverstop (all USA) in Chicago, Illinois, USA, top top 11 march 2009 The personal record attempt to be adjudicated in Los Angeles, California, USA, top top 4 march

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New York"s oldest Phone Number Atlas Obscura

6 hours ago Still in use today, that the longest continually operation phone number. Till 1928, the Pennsylvania to be the largest hotel in the world—with 2,200 lavish rooms, it to be the height of deluxe